White Boots: What on earth to wear them with?

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  1. I saw these white patent Franco Sarto boots at Nordstrom the other night. I think they look funky and fun, and I keep on thinking about them. But I have no idea what I would ever wear them with. Ideas? I would love to have a reason to buy them. :rolleyes:
  2. I wouldn't buy them to be honest :s I can't think of any outfit that would look good with them
  3. They would look cute with a primary colored pair of tights and a mod black minidress.
  4. ^^ I agree. That would look really nice.
  5. I think if you question what to wear them with at the beginning they'd be the type of purchase to live in your closet...
  6. Something like vintage YSL would look good.
  7. Could also wear a houndstooth or herringbone textured skirt and a fitted black, pink or teal mock turtleneck with black tights and a chunky white necklace.
  8. Either your majorette costume or your Authentic 1965 Total Look matching diagonal argyle-patterned nylon knit top and tights, with, of course, your Faux Mary Quant miniskirt, ironed hair and white lipstick.
  9. Maybe something like a Pucci print? I can just picture a mod-ish looking mini dress with them or a clubbing outfit.
  10. My first thought was that they look like little girls boots. But I agree that they could work with a mod outfit.
  11. Just curious if you ended up getting these. I'd love to get these in black patent!!
  12. No, I passed on them. I would love a pair of tall white patent boots that might be a bit more versatile.

    The black patent one's are cute. What would you wear them with?
  13. I guess I hadn't thought that through, really. I'm not exactly a fashion plate & I pretty much always wear pants. I like these because they have some pizzazz and they are low-heeled. I am one of those people who can't handle heels at all. :p
  14. ITA! :yes::yes: