White blouse.....

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  1. Looking to replace my Brooks Bros nice white simple blouse/shirt - am large chested but would like to try maybe something a little interest - thoughts/suggestions? Thanks!
  2. Are you looking for something basic and not super feminine? Have you tried theory? Ive never tried on a bb shirt but I like the fit and fabric of the theory ones.
  3. Equipment Blouse.
  4. Like a button-down/oxford type? Uniqlo has reasonably priced basics.
  5. Thanks! Will check them out!
  6. Theory is pretty fabulous! Very soft compared to some cheaper shirts I have.
  7. Hello,
    Please provide some pictures of it if you can, and low sleeve Ts are the trending in market...
  8. Thank you all so much! Oooh Anne Fontaine - I've seen the store in Boston but haven't been in - thanks for that idea!
  9. Everlane makes great silk and poplin blouses and are super affordable. Like $80 for a long sleeve silk button down. Comparable to Equipment brushed silk.
  10. Love Anne Fontaine. I got a cute mcqueen white shirt the other day...also love some of he stella mccartney white shirts..I love white shirts period.

  11. I bet you look awesome in both! :smile:

  12. Oooh where in Boston? I have to go! :smile:

  13. +1

    I've also found that Theory blouses are more breathable than Brooks Brothers.
  14. :smile: