white blondie hobo back up on e-bay

  1. girl, you are tempting me :graucho:
  2. is this bag authentic?
  3. yeppers, it's 100% authentic gucci :heart: ...mine is brand new & this one looks gently used...but it's a gorgeous tom ford bag & is a bit rarer than the blondie bowler :smile:
  4. oooooo you are totally making me want that bag!! :yes:
  5. you're toooooooooooooo funny janice-girl :rolleyes: ...your beautiful white gucci blondie is what got me hooked on this bag!!!
  6. aaallabama, how can you tell it's authentic? sorry, i'm new at this :smile:

    also, what was the retail on this bag?

  7. welp, i've studied this bag thoroughly & have the same one @ home :yes: ...janice also has a similiar bag, so i've seen pictures of that...the gold on the authentic gucci's is always a light, shiny color (on both the interlocking G's, the zippers & the other hardware)...the stripes, the strap, the size & the shape of this bag are all right-on...and it's done in gucci's signature pebbled leather...if i were to bid on it though, i'd make 100% sure by asking the seller to post a picture of the serial # (which should start with the number 13) :smile:
  8. Thanks aaallabama! I've e-mailed the seller...fingers crossed!!!
  9. Good luck, sharbear! I hope you get it!
  10. yippy, i hope the serial # checks out & that you get it!!!
  11. Thanks girls!!! I'll let you know when i hear back...
  12. Awwww...those are sooooooooooooooooo beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!

    aaallabama, did you get your white blondie from ebay too???
  13. Another question...do you girls think the G's are too scratched up on this bag??? Should I hold out for one that's in better shape? Well...assuming the serial # checks out! hmmmmmmmmm...