White Bleecker Duffle???

  1. OK, while perusing drilldown, this came up for 11422. . .at first I thought something goofy had happened to my saved link, but maybe it really is a new color? Anyone hear about it? Just curious and thought I'd post it! It does look very snowy!
  2. It's very pretty! Wine is showing up in the drilldown for me and I can't get white to show up when I type in the code for white or parchment. I hope it's a new color though, I like it!
  3. OK, so when you click on that link in your post, the white shows up? Wine shows up for me! LOL! That's funny! I like that white though! Like I need another white bag. One is enough to keep clean!

    ETA: Yes, ghost seems to be appropriate!;)
  4. Yes! It is showing up as white for me!!! Whoa - how weird is that??? And I have other Bleeckers saved in dd still showing up as wine. . .CRAZY!!!
  5. That's too weird! I even refreshed the page to see if it'd change to white but no go! Ooooh, a mystery!!
  6. I tried the link and I see the white!