White Blazer from Canada's Next Top Model

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  1. Hey guys,
    Just wondering if anyone can help me out here.
    On the last episode of Canada's Next Top Model, Meghan, one of the models was wearing this white blazer that I fell in love with.
    I have done some searching but could not find it.
    Please please please let me know if you have an idea of who makes it.
    I was not able to find a still picture but here is the youtube link to the episode and just fast forward till about 2 minutes and you will see it.


    thanks sooo much!!!!
  2. Wow! Both that white blazer and the black blazer on the girl next to her are STUNNING!!

    I looked at Stella McCartney, Twenty8Twelve, and Elizabeth & James, but haven't found anything yet...hopefully someone will know!!
  3. LOL i saw this thread earlier today and tonight i actually saw the episode and rushed back here to see if anyone knew where it was from. I love it!!