white/black zoey clutch

  1. Totally love this bag, but can't find out anything about it. When you look at the online catalogue, it leads you to the link for the current clutch in gold/silver (and it has no mention of the white/black) :confused1:

    I haven't received the new catalogue - does anyone have any info on it (as far as availability)?
  2. not sure...maybe it's one of the ones that isn't coming out until later?
  3. It's number 10468 in white, it's probably just not released yet. You could call CS to see if it's available though!
  4. Thanks Sprinkles! I know I've told you this before, but you're great!
  5. i actually purposely asked about this today for you! the sa said that it cannot be ordered yet, but that it will be available with all the new stuff (next time they change the floorset, i assume).
  6. How often do they change the floorsets, Kallison?
  7. not exactly sure...seems like every few months (this past one was late dec and next one is early feb, i think)? ask sprinkles, cause i'm not really positive.
  8. I will, thanks. :smile:
  9. kallison - thanks so much (and sorry I didn't see this until now)! I actually did pop into a store to ask about it over the weekend and the SA said I should give her a call mid-Jan to see if they would be allowed to order it yet.

    Considering I wasn't planning on buying anything after the PCE event and managed to get a Legacy stripe ponytail scarf at the boutique and Legacy shoulder bag at the outlet last weekend, I shouldn't even be considering this clutch (but shouldn't be and are are very different things)!

    And I think that the new floorset will be early Feb., but not positive (oh, Sprinkles, where are you . . .?).
  10. IM HEREEEEEEEEEE!!!!:yahoo:

    I believe it's Jan 25th or Jan 28th depending if they want a weekend release or not. Don't quote me on this but it should be end of january and it'll be signature stripe items that are new.
  11. oh, we'll be quoting you on it. :graucho:

    and the stripe stuff in punch! yay! can't wait to get my beauty case i ordered.
  12. Yeah I was in the store the other day and they really didn't have any of the bags I saw online/catalog. The signature stripe stuff in Punch had to be ordered, but it is worth the wait.
  13. Quoting you...haha! heheheh

    January 25th is my birthday!!! :p

    and I have and $208.99 gift card (don't ask) that has "white signature striped tote and accessory" written all over it!
  14. I loveee the pink! It's so girly. I am debating the boston bag right now but I wish it came in the punch! :crybaby:

  15. zoey black & white is back !