White, Black and Beige GSTs at NM!!!

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  1. I was on the phone with Lisa Hamlin, my SA from NM, for our weekly chat. And while I am sending her on a wild goose chase for some stuff, she told me that they the following GSTs that I think some of you are looking for:

    White with SILVER GST:graucho:
    Black with Gold GST
    Beige with Gold GST

    All for $1895

    Her number is (248) 635-8442:nuts:
  2. They finally went up in NM, they were still 1750, while everyone else raised the price to 1895. Thanks jag for the info.
  3. ^^ jag thanks for the info!!.. so back to topic!! so calling your SA.. Are you looking for something specific??!![​IMG]
  4. ^Yeah, what are you after JAG????
  5. I love my PF Ladies! I have my eye on a pair of shoes, that are nowhere to be found, so I asked Lisa to check it out for me. But since it doesn't look like they are anywhere to be found in teh company, i might just get the Leopard Manolo Blahnik peeptoe pumps instead. I am hungry for shoes right now!Or maybe a chanel clutch. NNNOOOOO NO MORE BAGS:push::hysteric::whistle:
  6. i want ...i want the GST....