White Birkins

  1. So it's never too early to think ahead to next summer, right? ;) I was wondering what H leathers come in white. Those of you who have white Birkins, how does the leather hold up? What's the most recommended leather for white? TIA
  2. i have a white JPG shoulder birkin in clemence. i'm so scared carrying them with jeans so i normally carry then when i wear white denim...........
  3. epsom is another leather
  4. croc :love:
  5. most common in epsom i guess?:confused1:
  6. I recall that Lilach mentioned that white in epsom is a bit easier to clean.:flowers:
  7. I wonder if hermes makes white chevre...I would LOVE that!
  8. i would think that they do^ right?
  9. I would love that...just have never seen it. I think I will ask my SA:yes:
  10. A White Birkin Is Gorgeous....A Epsom Would Be Beautiful.

    I Wear So Much White In The Summer.....I Would Never Change My Bag (Unless For A Fancier Occasion).......Now That Is An Investment!!!!!
  11. ^^^I agree, white is GORGEOUS!!! I have 2 white bags that are now the shade of blue in main area's of the bag, due to my jeans. I was considering a white clemence birkin, but changed my mind because I wear jeans almost everyday.... I still think that white is utterly divine:love:
  12. I asked this very same question about two weeks ago (think you were travelling then avan?)...anyway, the answer is no, chevre isn't available in white....I wanted a white Bolide, and would have loved chevre!! For the record, white H bags are lined in white swift leather.
  13. awwww.... that sucks.... ohhhh a white chevre bolide?? sounds :love:
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