white birkin or crocodile?

  1. i think i am very lucky
    i visited my local H store for the first time beginning of this year... and now i've got a orange kelly 35 and a Rough H birkin 35.
    tomo i'm going to see a kelly 28 in Vert Chartreuse and probably going to get that one as well.....
    what i want the most.....i mean the reason i visited H store for the first time...is a white birkin....my SA told me last time they received a 'free' one was last summer and hopefully they are going to receive another one this summer...but there are 10 people waiting already...
    today he said they might have a black crocodile birkin 35 coming..and asked if i want to put my name down for that...of course i said yes! but he's not sure when it is coming...it might be next week...or next year....
    my question is.....which one do you think is better? a white birkin..in 'normal' leather....or a black crocodile birkin?
    of course it would be wonderful if i can get both...but if only one....which one??
  2. Isn't there quite a price difference between "normal" Birkin and croc one? That would be a deciding factor for me. But if money is no object, I would say get the 35cm croc and post pics ASAP so we can :drool: :drool: :drool: !!!
  3. agree with H_addict....if price is no object then definitely get the croc...unless you'll still 'obsess' over the white....I do that sometimes if I get something to 'try' to satisfy my desire for :rolleyes: :s something else
  4. Two totally different looks. Which would you use more? (aside from the money issue)
  5. def. black croc 35, assuming money is not an issue.

    plus, white has high maintenance factor. good luck - whatever you decide, both are gorgeous anyway!
  6. I vote for the black croc as well, with white you def. need to be very careful and what happens if the day is rainy and your new jeans bleed and transfers the blue color to the bag? (sorry bad nightmare I had a couple of weeks ago)

  7. With the black croc you'd have to be careful too...croc can't go in the rain.
  8. I'd say get the croc because there are just so few and far in between. But that said, a 35cm croc can be quite overwhelming, particularly if it's glazed and not matte. Some may not agree with me on this point but I find that glazed croc looks better in smaller sizes i.e. 28cm Kelly or 30cm Birkin.
  9. ^ TOTALLY agree with Mrs.S :smile:

    If I were you, I'd hold out for a Birkin 30 in croc or even a Kelly. White Birkins are very luxe but extremely hard to care for. Keep us posted!!
  10. If white is always on your mind :drool: and the very reason you went to Hermes, I say go for what you love.:heart: My personal preference is the black croc but if you're going to be dreaming of white Birkins from now until ???, go with white!
  11. Go 4 the black croc birkin 35!! 2 me, glazed croc look gd in both 30 & 35. What is more impt is how proportionate the size of your birkin 2 your Height and Body Mass. I'm tall so 35 will look better on me than a 30. Black croc is TDF...and it's Croc, CRoc, CROc, CROC. I go crazy over anything exotic.:nuts:

    :hysteric: Go For The Black Croc Birkin 35 :hysteric:

    Still, go 4 what u think u love more. ;)

    Have Fun Choosing. Muackzzz.:heart:
  12. Black croc all the way....

  13. GT, I was on PM with a lovely tPFer here. She was given an SO for a porosus croc birkin (WOW) and I learnt something I didn't know before. That the 30cm is highly demanded for croc birkins and the quotas are very quickly filled. More so than the 35cm.
  14. dior, do you own any 30cm croc Birkins? Or are all your croc Birkins 35cm's? And do you think you can help us here by showing pictures of yourself in both 30cm and 35cm? How tall are you, by the way?
  15. PLEASE!!! PLEASE post at least a couple of your croc. Birkin pictures out of your 40 Birkins! PLEASE!!!!!!!! Let us drool...:drool: