White Birkin on CSI: NY on 2/7 ?

  1. Hello all,

    I am just catching up on some shows and was watching the CSI: NY (Some Buried Bones) from Wednesday and I believe that I saw a White Birkin.

    It was one of the handbags that the shoplifter took. According to the show it was from Bergdorf Goodman's and cost $25,000.

    Can anyone confirm this sighting as I could have just been Hermes dreaming.
  2. I saw the eppy; It was a fake bag and a bad one at that.
  3. No, I know which bag you're talking about. It wasn't a Birkin.
  4. Thanks for clearing it up. I only saw it for a second and it did not look that special (unlike all the ones that I have seen here which are tdf), so I really could not understand why they kept talking about the 25K price.
  5. Probably because it's a fictional show ;)
  6. I love CSI and saw that, esp when they were talking about the bag price with and she commented on the taxes, and then I was thinking, "That's not a real Birkin!!" The taxes wouldn't be that much on that nasty fake!

    LOL - my DH was wondering why I was talking to the TV at that point... sigh, sign of a bag addict:p
  7. That sucks!! Now, my friend, who has no idea about handbags watches the show religiously and will think my Birkin cost $25000!! Also...HELLO shoplifters who watch the show too.:cursing:
  8. That white bag had a zipper across the front, so it wasn't a true replica. It was an "inspired" bag. :roflmfao:
  9. This must have been a re-run. My mother saw this last fall and asked me about my bags then. I assured her that they were nowhere near $25,000 *each*.