white Birkin as tennis bag...???

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  1. Ladies,
    I don't do an outfit everyday, but I still want to use my bags....so I wore a good jacket over my tennis skirt (the black w/the white piping in the magazines) and grabbed my white Birkin. It fit everything; wallet,makeup,water,tennis balls,sweater,sweetarts,orange tic tacs....I thought it was a cute idea at the time. In retrospect I wonder.....noone wants to look ridiculous. But, I use a black HAC to carry horse stuff around......why not a white H bag for tennis....What if you're not a dresser, but you love your bags...?
  2. ^absolutely perfect, lee!
  3. I think so too!^^

    Most days, I'm more like those images of Lilo with thongs (flip-flops:graucho: to you in the US) and casual attire, than Grace Kelly. Ok, maybe not AS bad as Lilo.. but I love my bags and use my Birkins as everyday bags atm, in the park, in the shops, video store, wherever.
  4. that's how it should be.

    Man, I want a white birkin, now.....
  5. Sounds Gorgeous.....:heart::heart::heart: Black & White
  6. Yeah? Oh excellent, because i bought it for my daughter who would say I look ridiculous if she saw me. Missy does not leave the house in sweatpants, ever. (Teenage girls have no sense of humor) What can I say....I may be stealing it.....I've fallen in love with the thing. It's so pretty:love::girlsigh:.

  7. Sounds like a lovely outfit, & if you were comfortable with the whole thing, why not? I play tennis but with the amount of sweat & grime involved in our weather here after a game, dirty tennis balls, damp sweatbands & towel, bottled water not to mention a banana or two, I lug them in my Wilson pink breast cancer awareness tennis bag.
  8. ^^Me too! Lol! Must be the hot weather we've been having. White is so fresh and summery.

    Lee, aww you're such a good mom! But yeah, I'd be very tempted to steal it too, or at least borrow it a LOT!:roflmfao:
  9. Oh That Is So Sweet :yes: I Would Want To Borrow It, Too!!!:yes:;)
  10. I think that is a great look!!!
  11. I love the idea of it. Just hope that no one swipes it whilst you're mid-set!
  12. Sounds like a fabulous look!

    For tennis stuff, I'm still using an old canvas bag that's stamped with the name of my old employer. :sad:
  13. Love it.
    I admire the ability of some to have such a easy-going attitude about their bags, enjoy them confidently in as many situations as possible, and not worry too much about every little scrape or smudge. Sort of like the feeling captured in that photo of CBK on the NYC subway with her well-worn black Birkin on the floor next to her.
  14. DANG! Now I want to learn tennis..........
  15. It sounds like a great outfit to me!:tup: