White Bbags - love or loathe?

  1. White bag owners -- have your say -- maintenance? do you wear them year round? what kind of outfits do you wear them with?are some styles better in white than others?

    I am very attracted to the bigger sizes (work/weekender/shopping) in white, and would love some feedback before I take the plunge. all my other Bbags are black and marron.
  2. I just saw Rumor Has It and JA had that white Hogan and it looked great with everything she wore. I have also seen two women in recent weeks with white day/hobos and the bags looked amazing (though one was fairly dirty).

    I don't have a white bbag or any bag but I am on the verge of getting one, just not sure it'll be a white bbag.

    Sorry -- I didn't answer your question but I do think you should get a white bbag!
  3. i had a white bag (not balenciaga), but i had to get rid of it because i'm just not as careful as you need to be with such a light colored bag. i think if you pre-treat it and treat it right (lol), white is definitely a statement color. anyway, i love how white looks on people, but it's definitely not for me. sorry, i hope that helps you!
  4. I love white bags (especially white b-bags). There is a member that has a beautiful photo of her and her white city posted. The problem is i'm kinda a klutz and I could just never keep one clean. I adore seeing them on others though!
  5. I have a white b-bag & I love it. You do have to be a little more careful with it but it looks hot. I wear it with casual weekend clothes and a few casual work outfits. Just be really careful when you wear it with jeans. My CH jeans rubbed off on my white B-bag. I was able to get most of it off & it is on the bottom of the bag. whew!
  6. i don't have any white bag :P
    i loved to see it, but i'm a clumsy girl, whenever i wear white tee, there will be spots everywhere wether it's from ice cream or sauce.
  7. p, i had a white twiggy which i loved, but totally trashed.... i sold it and got a white work and white first. i rotate both in my collection ,but enjoy them. ijust dont use them everyday. white looks amazing with black. and also jeans.
  8. I love the way White bbags look! Chauss's White First has been on my mind since she first posted a pic. It's sooo beautiful! I'm too paranoid about getting it dirty or it turning yellow. I have another White bag(non Bbag) that's yellowing and I only wore it once. It's been sitting in its sleeper in my closet! I may still take the plunge for a Bbag, though. Maybe a good protectant will keep it from turning yellow. Personally, I think white looks great year round.
  9. i only have ONE white b-bag and thats a FIRST... i havent used it much, i hope to use it lots over summer... so at the moment she's clean!!! hehehehe!!! but i do LOVE the white b-bags!!! :love:
  10. I bought a white first and then exchanged it for a city. I've worn it everyday for most of the summer. I neither abuse it nor baby it. I have cleaned the handles and bottom with a neutral shoe cream a few times. It does start to turn more of a taupey color as it ages. I've noticed the white leather tends to show more wrinkles and crackling as it wears, it's not as supple a texture as my black ones but it's tone on tone -no veining. I've seen some women just carrying them really dirty but I don't think it looks good.
    Some maintenance is required but probably not as much as you might think. Of course the irony is I use my white city more to save my black city which I want to have in great shape for years to come.

    Edit: One note of caution do not wear it with a red sweater. The cut edges of the leather can pick up a bit of pink. It doesn't seem to happen with any other color clothing.
  11. Please check out chaussure's pic of her with her white First. HOT, and totally cute. Once seeing that, I had to have one, and it has literally become my favorite bag. I wear it all the time, with all kinds of outfits, and it looks great. I feared the "white bag curse", but so far, no dirt, no scratches, nothing. I've been rather fearless, with it too, meaning, I haven't babied it AT ALL.
    Be brave, go WHITE.
  12. :heart: :heart: pupster and bbag, here is a pix of me and white first. thanks for comments!! when u guys see my rouge vif, you will want one also... pup, maybe you wont have to worry so much about a red bag?[​IMG]
  13. nice pictures chassurewhore! HOT!!!!!!

    I saw a girl with a white-bone-ish color day bag and it was hot!
  14. thanks,didi! i am really having fun with my white first, and that is from a certified weekender girl.:love:
  15. Whoa, chassure, that white first is hot! I was thinking of a city/work/purse/larger size, and plan on pretreating it with the AG spray. I wear a lot of black, and thought a white bag in the fall would be very mod. yes? no?