White Bbag ownersss!!! Opinion plssss

  1. I've been thinking abt adding white to my Bbag collection :p . Still, i'm double minded b/w calcaire (with a hint of pink) and 06 white :confused1:. I sligthly prefer calcaire to 06 white, but i'm afraid of it getting yellow over time.

    Has anyone ever experienced this? This is b/c i used to see yellowish pale rose. It's really awful.

    Is 06 white also called Bianco/Pearl? I'm worried abt getting wrong color like 07 white :sad: . Personally, i don't like 07 white, as it's sort of stark white and most of them seem not to have vein. I rather prefer off white and veiny Bbag :rolleyes: .

    one last thingggg...should i wait to see ivory from next season instead of choosing calcaire/06 white?

    inputs plsssss...i'm all ears.:wlae:

    Thks a ton:heart:
  2. hmm, i have white and calcaire days and none of them have yellowed, fortunately... YEESH, i would be so upset if that happened. :push::push::push:

    one plus that calcaire has is that it's an older bag and you might like the leather more, perhaps...
  3. I had both a f/w 06 White City and a s/s 07 White City - the 07 is definitely more WHITE - here is a comparison pic (07 is on top)

  4. See, now I'm confused. I saw a GH PT in white (the SA said it was white) and it didn't look like the same white as the GH Hobo which was stark white. It was more of an off-white color. Do you think I was looking at a Natural GH PT or do the s/s 07 whites vary in color from bag to bag?
  5. No, I think they all vary!
    I also bought a new GH White Brief and I actually thought it was Naturel .... that is why I would definitely pick out White in person :yes:
  6. Thanks, that's good to know.
  7. Personally i would go for the calcaire color (the older season) as i prefer the little pink effect and at least after some use, if it turns yellow, it's not as prominent as white or ivory. But whether or not, it really depends how u use it, whenever u use it, probably u can try to clean it....but i guess it takes a lot of work.....hehehehe
  8. from the picture, i thinks it's hard to tell the different, but i have White 07, it's so beautiful, it's the most WHITE for BBag IMO:yes:

    First I was thinking for 06 and 07 but IRL, I took 07 home.

  9. thksss for the picsss...btw, i've seen 07 white IRL and it's really W-H-I-T-E and much different from 06.

    i definitely agree tht 07 white also varies. some are like more off white than others. probably, i'd go for calcaire now and then wait to c whether i like ivory from next season:push:. i've got enough time to tighten my belt:p .

    million thks for all inputs ladiesss:heart: