White Balenciaga The City/Medium


Jan 22, 2006
Hi everyone, this is my post. :shame: I've been lurking for a while now and had a question to ask. Which size is the on Nicole is wearing on this link?


It looks like the medium one but wanted to make sure since she's so petite. I was interested in this size. In addition, for anyone of you who have a Balenciaga in WHITE and have used it, how does it hold up? Is the texture of the leather easy to maintain? I am interested in purchasing this bag to use long term, therefore want to make sure it holds up for years to come. Thank you for your assistance in advance!
Hi Bella,

Yes, that's the Medium/City bag. I was talking to a Balenciaga SA in NYC -- I ended up getting the Medium in cornflower and a Day in black, but I talked to her about the white color. Her sister has the Day bag in white which she uses as a diaper bag. The SA basically said that if you're really going to be particular and worried about the white, then you probably shouldn't get it. She has another customer who bought a white bag a few years ago, and it has since turned a little darker, so she just bought a new white one and wasn't bothered at all that the first one turned darker. It gave her reason to buy another, and now she's got two bags which she thinks of as being two different colors.
Thank you for prompt replies. You're all great! I really like this particular bag IN white, that's what turned the 'I have to have this' switch on in the brains :love: I hope I'm able to take good care of it. It won't be for everyday use since I have other bags to rotate around. I have an LV collection, mainly small leather goods and one thing I love about it is that they're so easy to maintain (other than the fabric versions). I'm in the process of phasing out of the small LV bag/clutches and have been investing in few classic big bags since they fit my needs more now.

In comparison to Chanel caviar, MJ calf (such as stam/venetia), BV woven hobo and LV (or any other common recognizable bags), where do you think the Bbag belongs in terms of easier leather to maintain clean? (I have a 4 year old Monogram Mat LV wallet that's been banged around and an Epi keychain that's been abused, but you can barely tell...and if I ever get anything on it , I just usually scrub it off w/my fingernail and wipe it w/wet tissue...don't know if I should be doing that, but doesn't seem to affect the leather :lol: , they just get nicer! ...and the caviar seems fairly easy to maintain as well)
Ok, I just got it. Barneys NY in Manhasset is close by, therefore was able to pick it up. I like it! The SA recommended me to hold it by the forearm or use the should strap. She said I should avoid holding it directly using the palm of my hands. While I was getting it, I almost got strayed away by a deep red (she called it rouge) the First(Small sized one) Bbag. It's really cute and a very rich dark red color. Anyhow, they had one more white medium in stock if anyone's interested. Here's the picture:


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Wow ... that's pure white ... different from the one that I have (2005 Spring or Summer ... can't remember!). Mine is off-white (not the Calcaire), but I have to agree with the rest of the folks ... you will have to be careful, the lighter colors show the wear & tear a lot more than the darker colors and they do tend to take on the dirt & oils as well.
Congrats on your purchase!!!! It is beautiful!!! I have a white and a rouge Twiggy. I love them!!!! I haven't used the white one yet though. I live in Westchester County, NY and I don't I can wear white yet, can I???
I had to stop by the city w/my husband today to exchange a wallet he got me at Chanel and he saw the white Chanel tote and said he likes it better than the Bbag. He was never sold on the Balenciaga (he thinks it looks funny to have alien antennas extending out of the bag. Don't ask how he came up w/that imagination!) I do like the style of the Bbag but like it's been mentioned b4, I'm very worried about maintaining the white clean. For the Chanel tote, it's easier to maintain b/c it's the caviar texture and I feel like it'll last me longer. He thinks if I'm going to invest in a white classic bag, I should stick with the Chanel. So, we brought it home for me to decide and for the reason of Chanel tote being a classic that's been around for a long time and easier white to maintain in many years to come, I'm thinking about returning the Bbag. I love the design of the Bbag but I'm not confident I'll take good care of it. What is your honest opinion? Do you think the Chanel tote is nice in itself? I think I can dress it up or down. It has silver hardware.

Kat-yes, I think it's a bit too early to wear white, at least for me. But I can't wait til spring comes!


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To add a note: The Chanel tote was $1095 (but 10% from it b/c Chanel didn't have the white in stock, we literally sprinted our way to Saks 5th and they had the white color there and the SA told us if we open a Saks c/c, then we get 10% the purchase!) vs $1195 for Balenciaga.