White Balenciaga Pony Hair

seattle bag

Feb 17, 2006
Hi Fashionistas,

I received a beautiful off-white balenciaga pony hair bag for my b-day last month. I do think it's super stylish, but I'm worried about the practicality of it. It costs so much I want to be able to use it as much as possible, but am worried about it getting spilled on or picking up assorted stains when I go to bars or dinner. Does anyone else have a light colored pony hair bag? Can you tell me if it's hard to keep clean, and what to do if I get a stain on it? Finally, should I exchange it for something else?? Thanks for your insight!
I heard the pony hair B-bag might eventually go "bald" with more use. If you want to maximize your money, you should exchange for a leather B-bag instead. And off-white color might get dirty easily.
figure out what you want and the barneys in seattle will order it in from another store. I live in the seattle area too and I buy all my bags over the phone or on line. they have very little in our neck of the woods compared to everyone else. I'm not crazy about the pony hair and I love the city and the first . I just order a rouge first from barneys on long island thanks to someone on this forum telling me they say it there. Check out ebay just for colors and syles and then you'll have a better idea about what's out there since there are very few sites that actually show balenciaga bags then call barneys. good luck
that's great. I have the indigo medium and I love it too. we may be the only two people in seattle carrying these bags so I'll know you if I run into you.