White Balenciaga owners - how do you keep yours clean?

  1. To all the white Balenciaga owners, how do you keep yours clean?

    I dirtied my the second time I used it. Luckily it was just a little. :worried:

    Does anyone have any tricks up their sleeves??
  2. No one has any tricks??
  3. I posted a similar thread about a week ago, as I'm thinking of getting a white city. A fellow poster suggested that you can get a leather cleaner kit from leatherstuff.com. She said it works wonders! :lol: :lol:
  4. Oh I'm sorry! I did a search to see if anything similar was posted but couldn't find anything. I thought about scotchguard but I was scared that it will damage the leather. I gotta try it! Thanks. :amuse:
  5. with my old white balenciaga.. I always cleaned it with apple garde. That helps..
  6. Condition w/ AppleGarde, but many ladies say to NOT use the Cleaner b/c it's too harsh... only use the Conditioner. Then spray w/ the AppleGarde Water Repellant Spray. HTH.
  7. great question, I'm considering a white city but I hate the look of dark handles :sad: