White balenciaga motocycle bag for $899 on Overstock

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  1. What size is this? Great find!
  2. It says 13.5 in. L x 8 in. H x 2.5 in. D, what does that make it? A medium?
    I just hope it's authentic! Anyone knows where I can have this authenticated in central Ohio?
  3. is it authentic?
  4. wow.. medium bag for that price?!! such a good deal... I sooooo wanna buy it~~~:drool:

    But is it authentic?! I've heard some good and bad from them
  5. That's weird, their MSRP is wrong. Shouldn't the MSRP be $999 for the lariat bag
  6. that picture does not look authentic.

    the chloe hobo plugged to the right looks semi-OK (not sure i've ever seen that style, but i'm not into chloe), but that ysl bag looks awful/fake.

    not sure i'd trust overstock with all of the horror stories...

    edit: i also find it odd that they give measurements for a city, but the picture is clearly a first.
  7. Overstock's return policy is good, so why not go for it?! :yes:

    I took the plunge and ordered a Chloe Cream Paddington Tote from them last week and it's absolutely authentic. I even got the seal of approval from the handbag guru at my local Saks. :tup:
  8. The bag is NOT the medium -- it's the First (Classique). The retail is $995, not the $1200 that Overstock suggests. They seem to over-state the retail price a LOT. Still possibly a good deal for someone who wants white.
  9. It looks like a First/Classique in the picture, but the retail on that isn't $1200. That is the retail price of a City, which is not what is in the picture.
  10. Yeah~ the measurements they gave was for the first, I've already compared it with my black one^^ Anyways.. I went for the deal and also used the coupon someone gave in the Chloe for sale in Overstock topic.. It saved me another $90 or so.. The deal came up to 800 something.. since I just purchased my black last month it came up to $1075.. so I think it's still a pretty good deal.. saves $200.... I'm waiting for the bag now.. cross my figures right now hoping it's 100% Authentic!!! Hopefully Purse Forum will have Balenciaga forum opened by then so I can get helped with authenticate my new balenciaga!!!!!!:sos:
  11. Be very careful. I have only heard of fakes sold at overstock.
  12. If anyone else wants a motorcycle purse.. I just noticed that Diabro.net has blanc "the City" and "the first". The price for these two are cheaper than other ones too!
  13. Where can you find the retail price of the bags?
  14. Hmm.. I know cuz I've been to Balenciaga in NM