White bags year-round?

  1. My dh is getting me the white Deborah today but I'm unsure about getting a white bag that is spring/summer only. My second choice would be the grey which I would definitely wear year-round but then again, I've never had a grey bag and as much as I think it's gorgeous and different, I can't seem to make up my mind. Any thoughts?
  2. i think the whole white after labor day is long past being in effect...JMO
  3. I know that's supposed to be true but I live in San Diego and rarely see white bags during the winter months. It's kind of funny, I always stress about this kind of thing and by next fall I will be tired of carrying it anyway!! I guess its just knowing that I can if I want to!! I tend to be more on the neutral side and have a passion for white bags.
  4. That's because people are scared sheep. I think that any bag in any color in a classic shape and style can be worn year round. I can't wait till my white bag arrives. I'm going to use it IMMEDIATELY!! I think white is great in the winter, especially when wearing black or other dark colors. It just pops and stands out against your outfit.
  5. yeah...i have heard alot about "winter whites"

    GO FOR IT GIRL!! :p
  6. White and Black are year-around and classic colors, they are always in. =)
    These are the colors that are made for repeated MJ bags every season - Spring/Summer, Fall/Winter, and Resort or Cruise.

    Early congrats, can't wait to see which Deborah you will end up with. =)
  7. I would LOVE a white bag...but seeing as I'm a walking disaster, that won't happen anytime soon. :crybaby:

    I think you can wear white bags year-round!
  8. I think I'm going to go for the white......I guess what has thrown me on this white is that its very stark...unlike some of the other whites he has done.

    We actually went to buy it at NM last night and they close at 7 M-W which I thought was weird since the store is in a mall. We checked Nordstrom and Bloomindales but neither one had the white. Hopefully they still have it!
  9. MJ's SOFT CALF CLASSIC colors over the years:

    Spring 07: Black, White
    Resort 06: Black, Tapioca
    Fall 06: Black, Linen
    Spring 06: Black, Linen
    Resort 05: Black, White
    Fall 05: Black, Ivory
  10. White looks classy all year 'round...if you can keep it white...

    bag.lover, you have an avatar!!!! :wlae: ....so so cute!!!...and white!
  11. I would wear a white bag all year round. one of my fave bags is my Chloe paddington in blanc and I use it all year. I am awaiting my gorgeous (hopefully!) MJ white chiffon stam and I will be using that all year too, so I would deffo go for it as it is a personal preference rather than a style one. xx
  12. Well, good thing I didn't change my mind on the color......my dh just called and was leaving NM with my white Deborah. He has a 4:00 meeting about an hour away so I won't have her in my hands until tonite!!! Thanks for all the input!
  13. What a sweet hubby you have :yes: I think white bags all-year-round is totally fine!
  14. I'd love to see some pictures when it arrives! I have a "white" MJ, and wear it whenever I have a chance.
  15. He is incredibly sweet and has no problem with my bag obsession.....almost wish he did..LOL