white bags, when do we break them out?

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  1. So many great white bags floating around in your posts -- B-bags, LV's, Balengacia -- when do you all usually wear them? I used to wait until May, then put them away sometime in September...but it seems like some of the new styles are made for more seasons?
  2. I judge by what I'm wearing. If I'm wearing a bunch of dark, heavier clothes, I don't think the white bag looks right. But if we have a bout of warm weather and I'm wearing lighter clothes, I'll use my white bags. Yesterday we had some nice weather so I wore my new HH Mercer satchel in chalk.

    I live in LA, BTW, so we don't have as much "winter" as most parts of the country.
  3. I definitely think white bags or white anything has hit the mainstream and is okay to wear any time of the year! I got a new white handbag not too long ago and have been using it lately. I usually wear it w/ jeans, white capris, jackets, etc. But not w/ sweats or tshirts. I love how it ties my whole outfit together and it also makes me feel more "springy summery."

    I have a feeling white bags are here to stay for awhile.
  4. I've been carrying my white Stella already. I love the look of it with a neutral outfit, and it is a very creamy white, so I think it works as a winter white, as well.
  5. Here in Dallas we wear white almost year 'round. The rule of thumb is/was after Easter through Labor Day. But in the South, anything goes!
  6. Next weekend for me :love: As that's when Im getting mine.
  7. I say carry a white bag whenever you want!!!!!!
  8. ^^ ITA, white bags can be year round... just as long as they are appropriate for the season... (ie. you wouldn't want to carry a white straw beach bag in the dead of winter, unless you lived in Hawaii! haha)
  9. I busted mine out today!!!!!!!!YAY for warm weather- and shorts!
  10. I haven't used my new summer bags yet (Balenciaga & Gucci), but I can't wait! I'll probably start wearing them when the weather gets a little warmer and I can wear lighter clothes.
  11. White can be worn year-round. As long as it looks good w/ your outfit, I say wear it out!
  12. I carried my white bbag today.. I usually wait til when it gets warmer but today, I felt like I should.. so I did.. :smile:
  13. I Think It's Become All Year Around. As For Myself, I Take Out My White For Memorial Day Weekend & Start Putting Away Right After Labor Day Weekend. I LOVE Whites & Creams. The Rest Of The Year, I Wear My Creams/Off-Whites. This Is With Clothes, Too (Excluding Tops).......Again This Is Just Me. I Love Seeing Others Sporting Their Beautiful White Bags ~ ANYTIME!!!!!
  14. I wear white bags whenever I want. There's no time really, as long as it matches my outfit.
  15. I wear it in the summer when I know that mud and snow when splash on to it!