White bags...just for summer?

  1. What are your opinions???

    Thank you!
  2. I used to think so but I just got a white spy and have every intention of wearing it all through winter. Now I just have to find the right coat to match it :smile:
  3. Thank you for your response! I thought white bags were for summer only, too! But I went to NM two weeks ago and one of the SAs (he ALWAYS gives great advice!) told me that they're great for every season! Now that I think about it, a white bag would look very chic in the winter! Just have to match it with the right coat!!!!!
  4. If you find it, coat I mean, will you let me know as I am completely out of ideas, lol
  5. I'll definitely let you know! :yes:
  6. I know that there are some handbags that are even called Winter White so that it is meant for winter.
  7. A long as the outfit matches it, doesn't matter what season you use it!
  8. I was hoping white was year-round. Now I feel more comfortable with it after reading your posts. What color coat would compliment a white bag?
  9. I definitely see white as all year round.
  10. My white Balenciaga I only plan on wearing in the summer. My off-white Gucci I'll probably wear right through winter.
  11. i don't believe in bags being seasonal. if it looks good on you or with your outfit, :censor: the seasons. i have a white Guccissima bag, a white Louis Vuitton Multicolore Trouville and a white Louis Vuitton Suhali L'Epanoui GM, and i'll be using them all year round :yes:
  12. No, no! White bags are so chic in the winter. So unexpected. A breath of fresh air when everyone will be wearing dark and jewel toned colors.
  13. That's EXACTLY what I think about white bags now!
  14. I love wearing white bags and white coats in the winter.. I can always find my coat / bag at a party when they are all piled up in someone's bedroom!
  15. I always "plan" on carrying my white bags, but somehow when the winter hits, it doesnt seem to happen. It just doesnt appeal to me to use them. Im sure they look nice, but I seem to be drawn to my richer, darker colors.