White bags in fall/winter/snow/etc.

  1. I live in a cool climate - snow, sleet, rain, etc. starting w/cold weather in Sept/Oct and lasting through March at least.

    CAN you carry a pure white bag during these months or does it look ridiculous? Curious if the no white after labor day even applies anymore, especially to bags?

    Thanks girls :nuts:
  2. I have a cute little white fabric Coach bag with grey rabbit fur trim at the top. I personally think it only looks appropriate in the fall or winter. Unfortunately I always worry that it will get stained or dirty every time I carry it.
  3. I think it could be done with the right bag. And since I'm not into white bags (to me, anything other than white tops or white sneakers are tacky to me!) I wouldn't know what the "right bag" would be. The vanilla-ness of Coach bags are pretty cute, I guess.
  4. personally, i think they just dont usually go w winter clothes, and will get vvvvv dirty in the snow and muck
  5. right that's what I was thinking too - which is why I probably have never owned a white purse, and now probably isn't the time to try it out. Thanks!!
  6. I think white is a very good wintry colour, as long as it's not pure 'brilliant white', but a good rich off-white - ecru or such. Think of natural wool. I saw a Tanner Krolle bag somewhere which was called "Winter White", apparently from a winter collection some seasons back. My favourite winter boots are ice-white Belstaffs, surprisingly they hold out really well, even in the bottomless Irish mud. A bit of dirt only adds character :supacool:.
    Get some white kid gloves too; normally I detest mitchy-matching but white gloves w. white bags are :heart:.
  7. I think "winter white" bags look good & I know the Coach bag that was mentioned earlier (very cute). Other than those 2 situations, I don't particularly care for bright white bags in the winter.
  8. winter white bags look gorgeous, just like a white coat does in the snow. :tup:
  9. Yes, I have a winter white Coach bag and love to wear it during the colder months...it looks especially striking on black coats.
  10. I wouldn't carry bright white bags in the winter but ecru, ivory, eggshell or any off white shade looks incredibly chic all year round, in my opinion.
  11. I always say that I'm going to wear a white bag no matter what, but when the weather gets awful I return to my Lv Speedy. No matter what happens to it, it always comes out okay.
  12. I do not own a white purse, but I really want to have one!!! I think CHANEL new clutch is a nice choice...what do u guys think?
  13. I live in a warm climate and I just won't do white in winter. It doesn't go with what I wear, I guess. Grew up in PA and I guess I'm old fashioned with the "no white after Labor Day" rule that was THE rule way back then.
  14. I don't really do white after labor day :/
  15. I think white is winter is very striking looking. I thought the whole no white after labor day thing is no longer a rule, not that I care much for rules anyway :biggrin: