White Bags: how do you wear them?

  1. Several members have mentioned how the White is one of the ones with the "good" leather. Get's me thinking, but somehow I have a hard time imagining using a white bag.

    For those of you that own (or have owned) White bags, how do you wear them, as in, what kind of outfits / colors? Would you use the White now, or wait for Spring?

    Ideas please!
  2. i'd wear a white b-bag with anything, all year long, if only i wasn't terrified of red sauces, wines & oils jumping out at me :P
  3. Totally! :roflmfao:
    That would be me, big plate of pasta with red sauce, splatt. Scares me. But they look so cute!
  4. that's me too bbagbubba, i'm the biggest klutz on the planet :lol:
  5. me too! i saw a girl with a white twiggy at Nordstrom Rack on thurs... so pretty, i want one. but then i think of my lifestyle and know its just not possible to keep it looking pretty!
  6. So true! I think some people just have "white karma". when I was in the 5th grade, I had a white pleated skirt. Dirt and stains just flew at me, like a magnet to steel. My mom used to get so pissed at me! So, I guess no white Bbag for bubba...:lol:
  7. :lol:I stand with you on in your klutzdom.
    Why I am as klutzy as I am is one of life's great mysteries! :blink:
  8. i've just never dared to use a white bag. i've done off-white though and so far so good, but it makes me nervous!
  9. You can wear a white bag with almost anything. Also, they are no longer relegated to summer - a white bag can work even into winter now. The right outfit depends on the style/structure of the bag (as with any bag).
  10. hey bbagbubba - i've got a white FIRST b-bag... i usually wear it with anything... i take out when i'm going out to dinner etc... i'm never too worried about what happens (i'm NOT a bad owner:roflmfao: ) i just enjoy using my b-bags even if it is white! hehehehe! I think i'll use it more during summer though! :amuse:
  11. Me too helenNZ...I use lots of AG spray then enjoy. :smile:
  12. I wear my white courier all the time, the only thing you should be careful with is if you wear denim, as the colour can easily rub off onto the leather but then this can happen with any light colour bag! The leather is especially gorgeous...
  13. I have the wihte first and the leather is yummmmmy! Also the bbags are a gorgeous white--not a bright white. I saw someone else wearing one around March with a slightly off-white jacket and cami and black pants and she looked so chic that I had to have the white. Unfortunately I have only worn it twice since then because I am stressed about getting anything on it. I'm at the point now where I may just bite the bullet and wear it with abandon :graucho: or sell it so that I can get a bag that I will actually use.
  14. Hey Helen!
    I prolly do need to "lighten-up" about my bags! LOL! I am a little tentative about where / when I use them. It's really a shame. I am trying to not worry so much. It's just they are so EXPENSIVE. I would hate myself if I ruined one.