White bags...Are they too high maintenance?

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  1. For those of you who have white or ivory bags- especially Ramonas and Rikis in the classic leather-do you have to baby them? Do they get dirty too easily?

    How do you protect and clean them??
  2. I have the Ramona in off white drummed leather, and it seriously gets dirt and color transfer ALL over it. It's ridiculous.
  3. I don't have a problem with white or light bags, my latest white purchase was the Lohla with studding and I have used it about 4 times so far. I am however willing to take precautions so I keep it in good condition. I don't have children and I don't throw it around in the car or set it on the floor in a restaurant (I have a purse holder). I always plan my clothes around the bag so I don't get color transfer like faded jeans and white blouse and maybe a burgundy leather jacket that has a almost patent sheen to it so it won't come off. Plus I don't wear it on my shoulder, I try and hand carry it or wear it on the crook of my arm a little. Some people would find this a pain in the ass but it's really not a problem for me because I don't have a crazy rushed lifestyle and it's worth the forethought for me because it's all about the look and the fashion. If however you're more a type A on the fly person that has a million things on your mind at the same time it might not be the color for you. They definitely take babying :yes: but they're worth it! God luck making a decision and let us know what you're thinking.

    BTW....I don't do anything to protect it but I give it the once over after I used it to see if it needs any attention.
  4. ^^Great information, Bichon-and thanks too heartnaspade. Interesting that your don't protect your bag (with any spray, etc) I never know if I should do this or not.

    Question: What is a purse holder?:confused1:
  5. I don't have any trouble with my white bags but I am extra careful with them. My rules are pretty much the same as Bichon Lovers, I carry on my arm and never ever sit it down in questionable places. I've even requested an additional seat at dinner for my favorite bags. :yes: Actually I hate my Off White Drummed Leather Riki but I think that was a one time thing with the drummed leather. My SA they had tons of complaints about the yellowing. It's the only JC bag that I've had yellow, it yellowed so evenly that it looks like a butter colored bag. All of my other light bags still look great.

    I'm curious too! What is your purse holder Bichon Lover?
    My DH is my purse holder! :smile:
  6. Well, I'm committed now! I just bought my first Riki ever!:nuts: I do love white, but am a little scared about how to handle it, once I get it. I'll make sure not to wear her with dark clothes,:sad: but I love the look of a white bag with a black outfit! My first thought would be to protect with something like Cadillac Shield spray (which my SA had recommended for my Bottega bag)...but maybe that could make things worse?

    Anyway, presenting...
  7. It's Fabulous!
  8. Congratulations!!! I just LOVE the look of white bags too. I don't have any white choos (yet) but I do have a white Balenciaga Part time and a white lady dior tote. I've never treated either with anything. I think you just need to be conscious about it. But I really am anyway with all of my bags.
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    Purse Hooks are the best thing ever! Do a search under purse hook... you should find a few threads. You can pick one up at a handful of locations & there inexpensive!
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    I've always heard you have to be careful not to get any protectant spray on any of the hardware and so that has scared me off. I have a lot of bags and rotate often and am very careful. I have been lucky so far.

    Purse hangers come in other styles too like a straight bar that is bent at the end where you hang your bag from it. Try it out before you buy one because I've had friends by some that don't work very well. I've had 2 different styles and both cost a little more ($35-$60) because they have swarovski crystals. Just put it in the handbag you're using and then every time you change handbags it goes in the new one just like your wallet. I hear people say "I always forget to put it in my bag" and I don't understand if it goes from bag to bag. They're small so there's no reason not to always move it to the next bag :yes: This one in the pic curls up around itself and stays shut with a magnet. I got it from Footcandy in Walnut Creek, CA. 1-925-937-3668.

    If you wear it with black just hold the bag in your hand and unless you're rubbing it against your pant leg it shouldn't be a problem. Also pick a front and back to your handbag and always use it that way so should you ever get a tiny bit of color transfer it won't be seen on the back side. After all if you don't use you bag because you're scared of it then it isn't enjoyable! On my Lohla I put the little luggage tag in a spot so I would know which way to wear it because the bag doesn't have a front and back to it.
  11. :drool:

    I love it. I need a JC Ramona in my life. I really do. I want one to match my Choo's in my avatar. Sorry to jack the thread.:Push: I'll ask elsewhere.
  12. Congrats Marly ! We're going to want modeling pics :yes:
  13. I think I am going to get the white studded Saba. I tried it on at Nordies and love the small size one. I just have to wait a couple of months. We just bought another sports car and I am still reeling from that :nuts:

    Yummy bag, Marly
  14. Beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    enjoy your new bag & we need modeling pics :yes:
  15. It arrived today. I LOVE IT!!! I'll try to model this week...:rolleyes: