White bags are all the rage!! R U getting 1?

  1. Im starting to see some great ones around me....and here I am with only the dark colored bags....:s

    They seem so fresh and looks so classy...not to mention so spring like...but a white bag and me would be like constant....:boxing:

    Do you guys own white pieces in your collection?? Which ones?? Or are you guys planning on getting the White Epi or the Azurs?????

    Maybe I should too......:shame: Any pics???:graucho:
  2. Well im kinda warming up to azur and white mc :heart:...might get one soon!
  3. nothing in white from lv as of yet, i'm pretty nervous to spend so much on a white bag. but i did get an ecru botkier e/w trigger on eBay, i agree it hink white is great!
  4. I'm more for the Azurs, white epi is too fragile for me.... or I'm too rough... either way...:p
  5. I'd definitely be getting a white Epi if I hadn't already gotten my white Chanel GST.
  6. I don't have any white bags (apart from white MC which doesn't really count.)
    If I was going to get something white it would be suhali but it's a little out of my price range at the moment.
  7. i have the azur speedy 25 and mj patent elise in white. thinking of the epi passy... cuz i think i need a large no logo work bag.
  8. The only white bag I have is not LV....YSL Muse! :heart: it!!
  9. Yes...a white suhali sounds divine! :yes:
  10. I don't have any white pieces and don't plan on getting any white pieces because I'm kind of a "klutz". :p

    I would get them dirty within days. :yes:

    But don't get me wrong, there are many white LV pieces that look BEAUTIFUL (especially with the spring and summer coming). :love:

    But if you want some "light" in your collection, the Damier AZUR and WHITE Epi are really great choices! :heart:

    Good Luck on your decision. :flowers:
  11. I like white MC, Azur, and white Suhali :yes:
  12. MC is the only shade of white bag that I have.
    ... and boy to I have alot of white MC.
  13. I'm going to look at them on Sat. I don't know if it will be too much Ivory, kwim? I hope not cause I am really liking how the Alma looks in Ivory!
  14. White epi! I cannot wait to ge the pochette-
  15. I would get it dirty, TBH. I have a Globe Shopper that wasn't white, but more of a beige to start out with. It's not this kind of grey colour. Not very attractive! :sad: