white bags....anyone own? regret?

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  1. i have a white bolide.........disaster!
  2. ^^ can u show us picture?? which leather is ur bolide?? how long have been using it??

    I don't have a white H bag yet, but i'm dying for one.. i'm very hesitant though for the obvious reasons!! please share your experience with more details!!

  3. its white clemence...............floppy. camera not working. when i get my new one i will take a pic
  4. I was studying the Parchmain leather swatch in Togo and Clemence and was thinking to myself if I should give this new colour a try in AW2007. Very tempted but my SA looked hard at me, and asked if I was sure. The dreamy MrsS snapped right out of her dream and decided not to look at it again. :sweatdrop: Too high maintenance.
  5. i have a JPG shoulder birkin which i usually take out during summer/spring - *knock on wood* - so far no disasters!

    i also have a white clemence/toile kelly, that as soon as i carried it on the second day - i left dark smudges on the toile part of the bag. so off it went to H in Beverly Hills for some cleaning. to my understanding, if you soiled the white leather part - it will be sent to Paris. not just any local H store like NY or BH! so, keep that in mind.
  6. Hermes Junkie, if you're really sure you are ready for a light coloured bag, wait for Parchmain. It has a tinch of cream in it, which is very nice.
  7. Please don't say that...

    I bought mine before the mention of yellowing and color transfer...:sad:

    I have found I rarely use it because of such...
    and am very very careful...

    What is wrong with your Bolide? How old is it?
  8. ^^ I have to visit my local H boutique and see the color IRL.. but while reading your posts.. i was dreaming along with you and i actually snapped when your SA asked if you were sure LOL
  9. i think it looks dingy...
  10. pazt.. white jpg and white clemence/toile kelly?? VERY BRAVE!! :biguns::welcome:
  11. THIS is just the problem I have with anything white......I'm super careful with my Bleu Marine/Toile Kelly and so far so good and I use that bag a LOT but if I had anything completely white, I'd be a basket case with worry.
  12. i would say just enjoy the white bolide and stop worrying about it looking dingy? Sometimes, I am guilty of imaging that things looked dirty etc. That is why I hesitated for a long while before I got my white birkin. Now there's no looking back. I am careful with my bags, not just the white ones.
  13. Will H dye a white bag a darker color?
  14. to be fair --I am ridiculously hard on my bags.......if i wear a white shirt i will spill spaghetti sauce on it. thats just me.................:cursing:
  15. No, I asked this question to my SA, as I was dreaming about a white epsom bag, she told me, it will turn yellow and not in a uniform way...

    I asked if they can dye the bag, she said no, all color dyes had to be done before the "treatment" or something and cannot be re-dyed into another color. So me, just like MrsS, had to snap out of that white/cream/beige dream too hard to maintain. :flowers: