White bags and how to take care of them?

  1. Try using mr clean magic eraser. Maybe the color of the dustbag transferred to the bag.
  2. The dustbag is black though...

    Could it be because I conditioned it with a leather conditioner? I knew I wasn't going to be using it for a while, and wanted to maintain the suppleness of the leather. Sigh...
  3. Take it to a cleaner who specializes in leather and ask for suggestions. It COULD be a combo of the dustbag being dark and the leather conditioner. I'd check with a pro on this one. Good luck !! I hope it bounces back !!
  4. Thanks! Will do that when I get a chance this week...

    If nothing can be done, well, I do like tan bags better anyway! :girlsigh:
  5. Hi Ladies! Well, I took the plunge and bought an off white CLUTCH ME from Belen Echandia. Tres chic, but I'm a little nervous.

    So do share with me how I'm going to clean it! Please!
    Somewhere I heard mayonnaise...? Can't wait to hear your tips. Thanks ever so much!!!
  6. I Always get Denim transfer onto my white bags.
    I use the Apple Cleaner from leatherstuff.com and never have a problem removing the stains.
  7. I have a white Gerard Darel and I use Lovin My BAgs Luxury Daily Cleaner and Moisturizer. I use it every time I put my bag away to use another and so far I have had no issues with it. I also used apple garde stain and rain repellent when I first purchased it to help prevent any stains.
  8. Coach makes an excellent cleaner and conditioner. I use it on my white coach and white MJ Daria, and it works beautifully.
  9. Mayonnaise? :wtf: Really?!
  10. I wouldnt reccomend trying mayo! The oil in it could stain your bag and make it greasy. Definitely spray it first and try to clean and condition it very often with a high quality product like those reccomended above. The best way to keep it nice is to keep it in your closet! DOnt use it everyday- alternate it constantly with other bags and it will extend its life by 2-3 x.
  11. I can slso vouch for the Coach products. I always carry white bags in the summer and I treat/clean them regularly.

  12. how often should we be using the coach moisturizer on leather purses?
  13. does coach have separate products for leather cleaner and moisturiser, or is it an all-in-one cleaner cum moisturiser? thanks. :smile:

    I've read somewhere that it's better to use separate products for cleaning and moisturising purposes, as all-in-one products tend not to work as well. is this true? i've been using an all-in-one on my white tod's though... it has been working ok so far except that some stubborn specks of dirt are rather difficult to remove...

    if your white leather has veins, i suggest you give it a dusting every now and then to prevent dirt from sinking into the veins. once it's sunk inside, it becomes more difficult to remove. and white shows dirt very easily.

  14. coach has separate ones (that i sware by...theyre great. i even use it on my couches) and ive also read that the separate products are better. however, they dont recommend using them separately. if u use the cleaner, you HAVE to use the moisturizer since the cleaner is alcohol based. also, the type of leather is important (i.e. DONT use on pebbled leather)

    For spot treatment, i use baby wipes. the soap in them is super mild, just make sure theyre alcohol free.