White bags and how to take care of them?

  1. I can not carry a white bag! I am way too hard on bags for a white one. (fb)
  2. I have an off white Gucci leather bag also so no worries there.
  3. It's a shame that white bags are so hard to maintain pristine, as they're so gorgeous! >_< Especially lambskin oh my god, I can't even imagine...
  4. I have a white guicci and I would suggest a smaller to meduim size, I have my jeans transfer on to the bottom of the bag and once it's there it's almost impossable to remove the stain. White also absorbes all colors keep that in mind.

    But I still manage to always fall in love with the white.
  5. A good leather cleaner will keep your whites extra white. Or simply just a rag and warm water. I've never had any issues with mine.
  6. Uhg, exactly! Color transfer is pretty common for lighter color. I've never had also issues with mine.
  7. I have a cute mbmj tote in off white (ivory-ish) leather that I bought in 2007. After 5 years or hard use with minimal love and care, it may be a bit dirty but you cant really tell unless you look closely, and I still get complements on it. It may be that the pebbling helped it age well, or mask some dirtiness, so I recommend something similar for other lazy people :smile:
  8. Does anyone know if Apple Guarde Rain & Stain Repellant or Wilsons Protector spray are ok to use on a Coach embossed python Kristin? It is a combination of parchment colored leather (almost white) & a grey, white, silver embossed python. If not should I use Vectra? TIA
  9. does toothpaste works on all kinds of leather, what about balenciaga bag?
  10. I have the same bag, and looking at the care card, it said not to use any stain repellant, I did use it everyday for a few months, and it seems not to absorb any colour. Anyway, now, I use that bag as an evening bag....
  11. Thanks. I guess I will just avoid using it when wearing denim. Apple says their spray can be used on anything but I'm not sure I wanna risk it.
  12. I use leather wipes after every single use. Also don't use them with blue jeans. It will stian them blue. Also use a purse hook so you don't have to put them on the floor at a restaurant
  13. I have a Mulberry Taylor, in Marshmallow White. I spray it with water repellant spray, and its fine. There's some small stains on the edges of the stitching...

    in my experience, I really think its the type of the leather. some leather is more porous and would absorb colours and some leather eg pebbled leather is not absorbant of colours....well, that's my experience anyway.
  14. I dont like to purchase the white color bags .It is very hard to keep them clean.
    You can simply wash them to clean in a very short time.