White bags and how to take care of them?

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  1. Hi! For those who has leather white bags, how has the white leather hold up for all these years/months/days? I'm Contemplating about getting a white leather bag myself but I'm paranoid about the whiteness. I worry about it getting dirty easily or worse of all, white turning into an off-white/yellowish/grayish Color. Did that happen to your bags? How are your white bags holding up? Thanks
  2. maybe i'm not careful enough.....but my white leather purses usually gets dirty and i almost have to clean them after every wear. i'm very cautious when i carry white purses but some how it just gets dirty if i walk pass someone whos smoking the ashes from the cigarette will get on a make a boo boo.
  3. I want to get a LV suhali and the white looks so lovely. But if the white don't stay its whiteness for long, then it's not worth the money. Decisions decisions..
  4. the white suhali rocks, and stays white. it's almost indestructable.
    i'm hoping my pearl vernis houston that i just bought will be just as resilient- it is patent leather, after all!
  5. My bags are in serious need of a spring cleaning!

    My Burberry is very dirty. I've tried to scrub it with a toothbrush and colorless glycerine hand soap...any other suggestions?

    Also, my white chanel needs cleaning too! Any expertise on cleaning white calfskin?:cry:
  6. I don't know what your purses are made of--in terms of leather... I've used the coach leather cleaner--it specifically excludes certain materials, so make sure before you use it. I wipe off the surface dirt/dust and then use this cleaner. It doesn't make it "sparkling" but it seems to help....


    You might want to contact Burberry and Chanel for more specific instructions.
  7. I was recently in my local Fendi and found that for the first time I actually saw a Spy bag I liked, a smaller size than what they were selling last spring in white. Other than an inexpensive Banana Republic bag I owned once (that got so dirty so fast it found it's way to the dumpster) I have not owned a white bag. Does owning a white bag mean that you only carry it once or twice a month? Does it mean that you are constantly thinking about where you are placing it and how you are touching it? Or is it easy to clean? My main concern is daily dust, dirt and skin oil on the handles. Any advice tips or lessons from anyone who has every owned a white leather bag Fendi or other? Is it too much of a headache to be worth it?
  8. Bought an expensive white bag last spring and ruined it in a matter of weeks due to color transfer from a black tee. From now on I'll only buy low end white bags so I don't have the stress of constantly worrying about my bag and so I'm not heartbroken when the inevitable happens.

    White bags are gorgeous but to me, not worth the headache!
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  9. Treat the leather before you carry the bag. Wilson's leather has a product for treating white bags that was recommended in SHOP,Etc. magazine specifically for the "white bag season." Don't carry the bag against a dark suede or something else of deep color that might transfer, and you should be fine. I plan to carry my white Furla a LOT...not just once or twice a month...and to travel with it.
  10. I have a white pebbled leather Prada (last season's bag) - It is like new - I wear it all summer in Miami - Doesn't need any special attention. If necessary, a leather moisturizer/cleaner is always good to have on hand (I use Coach).
  11. There's a great leather cleaner called " LEATHER CPR" available at most hardware stores. I think I bought mine at Aubochon's Hardware online. It's a cleaner and conditioner and really gets white leather looking great! Be carefull when using it on died leathers though, because it's so good it may remove some of the color if you rub too hard. Try is on a small piece inside the bag, etc. to test it first. Anyway, it's the best stuff I've ever found for white bags! Hope this is helpful.
  12. Don't have a white bag but I've heard that baby-wipes are great to clean them.
  13. Wow, I like that bag, especially in the white! Really cute!!!! And I've heard the same thing about the baby wipes for cleaning.
  14. As long as it's leather (DON'T do white suede!) it should not be a problem. You can always treat it and if you don't wear it up against black suede and be reasonably careful where you sit it down, it should stay pretty clean.