White bag ?

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  1. What are your thoughts on having a white bag ? My bags are mostly dark, and I got the Optic White Selma w/ grommets to have a bright bag, but I am honestly afraid to use it ! I would like to keep it just so I don't only have dark colored bags but I can't decide to return and buy the black selma w/ grommets. HELP ! :biggrin:
  2. Me personally, I would be too paranoid of getting it dirty. I've been wanting a dark dune bag for a long time and found a studded Selma, but returned it b/c afraid of the color transfer (I wear dark jeans a lot)
  3. I have a bag in dark dune ! It's actually darker than what the pictures showed. When i wear dark jeans I am paranoid and don't let my bag touch them at all lol
  4. I feel your pain. I have almost bit the bullet several times on this but never can. I will, however say that if you are going to have white, saffiano should be the way to go. Much less risk!! LOVE the look of that bag. Congrats!
  5. I'd be worried about stains and color transfer too. I'd hate to pay a lot for a bag only to end up with blue marks on the back from my jeans. I don't want to have to worry about/baby my every day bag, so if I were in your shoes I would probably return it and get a black one.
  6. I would keep it. Just treat with the Michael Kors spray first.
  7. I have a white MK bag and it gets dirty very easily. I love it but it's definitely the only white bag in my collection.
  8. I actually just a returned a white bag cause I'm so afraid I would not even use it. Got a vanilla color instead. Light but not white.
  9. Do you use it a lot? I really love the bag but I really don't think I will get much use out of it. I baby my bags so I think I would keep it clean for the most part! My sis in law has the optic white jet set and uses it for her everyday bag and she swears it never gets dirty. I just would hats to keep it and never use it.
  10. I use it a lot during the summer. I take good care of my bags, they are always stored, stuffed, and never placed on the floor or a dirty surface. But white leather is hard to maintain. The bag got stains from putting it on a chair at a restaurant and some darker patches from me standing next to a rail at a train station.

    You could try white saffiano which may be better. But I've learnt my lesson about white bags.
  11. I would actually advise not to use the MK spray. If I recall correctly, none of the MK sprays mentioned anything about saffiano leather.. I've also read somewhere in this forum that someone used the MK spray on her saffiano bag and it actually enabled the color transfer..which is no bueno.

    I'm like a lot of the other ladies here, I have the Selma in dark dune and rarely wear denim with it. I think I've been wearing khakis and leggings for a year straight ever since I got the medium Selma messenger in pearl grey last May lol.
  12. Really? So I bought it for nothing? What about the cleaner? I bought both but haven't used either. My pearl gray saffiano seems to have a little bit of color transfer from my jeans. Will it come off with the cleaner?
  13. Try using a baby wipe. My pearl grey Selma gets wiped down after I take her anywhere just to be sure lol
  14. I would keep it because it's gorgeous!!!! Especially if you got it for a good price. I just got one in pearl grey and it plan to use it a lot this spring/ summer......:smile:
  15. i am very clumsy with anything white but i bit the bullet 2years ago when i bought the jet set zipped tote in white/vanilla. im surprised i kept it clean during that time i was using it. i did get compliments on it but im usually like you. all my mk bags are either dark or the luggage color and i just have the white one still as my light/bright
    color handbag