White Bag For Summer

  1. Hey guys, I browse around here a lot. Can anyone reccomend a nice white leather bag for the summer. I like the white Michael Kors at Saks but am a grad student so I can't swing that. I would prefer something in the less than 500 range and with silver hardware.
  2. I have the Kooba Carla in white. I'm a big fan. You can get it on sale at certain outlets, I think. It was originally priced around $650 and a LOT of places have had it for 50% off for awhile.
  3. I love my Kooba sienna in ivory.....the hardware is antique brass though...
    In that range I definitely recommend Kooba though, check it out!
  4. Vintage Chanel Classic Flap. In White!
  5. Furla has some great white bags this season, well worth a look. Also consider Francesco Basia as the quality is terrific but price reasonable.
  6. Also the white Elrod by Anya Hindmarch is gorgeous, but a bit £££
  7. why not check out michael by mk? i so want the skorpios shopper but just can't afford it - but i saw a cheaper version in white from this range.

    if i hadnt bought a white boogie.....
  8. The Kooba Carla in White is gorgeous.
  9. what about blue and white? lv azur line.
  10. Kooba Elisha in white? It's a beauty!
  11. Yesterday, I bought a Kooba Carla in white with the double braided handle, I did not need it but I LOVE it and am so glad I bought it. That would be my recommendation for a white bag, the leather is so scrumptous (sp?). Good luck!
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  13. JESUS are YOU back?