White bag for F/W

  1. I was wondering what you think about a white bag for winter - This year there are so many whites in Chanel. Is it easy to pull off?
  2. White is fine year round IMO.

    I do live in the South, but I think that's an older rule that's a little passe now{?}
    I'm dying for a white bag!
  3. I think it depends on the weather. I have a white B-bag and I would like to use it year round. However, with rain & the elements I probably won't use it during the winter season but you still have spring, summer & fall. I have to say the Chanel bowler I saw the other day was a beautiful winter white (almost a cream color) which I think is great for year round wear.
  4. yes, the bowler/doctor's bag in white was beautiful. Even the style of the petit shopper in white was TDF!!
  5. I thought the lux white tote bags were gorgeous and could be used almost all year round (here in the cold NE).
  6. I think I wont use my white chanel as frequently because its always gloomy and dark in vancouver
  7. I love what Chanel calls Dark White (it is not a bright white) and IMO works all year round. I definitely want one and am trying to decide btwn the diamond stitch and the north south cloudy...

    I personally don't like a bright white for me. Looks wonderful on others but for some reason I can't bring myself to carry a bright white bag (or shoes)!
  8. I love white and wear it all year long since the weather in CA is nice. I have the white caviar in the east/west and planning on using it through the fall/winter.
  9. White Goes With Everything I Say Yes, I Have All But 3 Of The Echanel Bags And I Love Them All
  10. I agree..white goes with EVERYthing and looks gorgeous in any season. I'd go with more of an off white/cream though..it'd look amazing.
  11. Thank you everyone for your input.
  12. ITA - the no white after Labor Day rule has been gone for awhile. The other thing with Chanel's white is that even their "white" bags are not a stark white - if you hold it up to a white t-shirt, the white leather has some warmth to it.

    I think you can still use it and look great, esp in warm climates. Even if it's cold, I love the black and white contrast look.