White bag dilemma

  1. I am sooooooooooo tired of debating on a white bag. Decided on a cerf tote in white with silver CC closure but can not find one anywhere. Now I have almost decided to get the medallion tote in white with silver but have not taken the plunge yet. The dilemma is should I spend $$ on a white bag since white is not going to look good years down the road. Maybe I should get a cheaper bag since it won't last forever like a dark colored Chanel will. What do you think about this bag and what would you do?

  2. I personally prefer white better than black.. so I think it will stay be good years down the road.. but you do have to spend time taking care of it... i just got my new white bag dirty =(

    Supposely certain chanel style going on sale Friday in Neiman Marcus store.. you can go check it out and pick out something that is 30% off... =)
  3. I would wait for exactly what you want, white looks ace, I would love a cerf tote in any colour!
  4. wihte cerf tote or white medallion are both gorgeous. I would wait to get what i want, since I don't think you will buy many white bags, so it's worth it to have 1 or 2 that you will love for a long time.
  5. i lovee white bags!! :love: goes with anything and everything!
  6. I love the cerf too but can not find it anywhere in white. I've even heard that it's not even made in white with the CC's. So I am going to get the cerf in black with the gold CC closure this fall or winter for sure - just really want a white bag NOW. Hogan weekend bag on sale for just $713 at NM or medallion in white - can't decide.
  7. I have 5 white chanels, one of them being the white medallion tote. I bought the bag 2 years ago. It's been through the ringer and still looks pristine. Caviar practically takes care of itself. If I do get a mark on my bag, I just use baby wipes to wipe down the bag and it's good as new. Hope this helps.
  8. A great white bag is worth the up keep. But it is just that a white bag - black is easy, but white is FAB!!!:tup:
  9. i finally took the plunge myself and recently bought a white baby cabas - i love it, and can't believe i didn't do it sooner.