White bag dilemma is OVER!!

  1. I really appreciate all the opinions and input regarding my dilemma ...choosing a white bag for Summer....I just had it in my head I wanted a white bag....well,
    yesterday I went to Neiman Marcus...both SAs were sooooooooo helpful....loved them ....

    It was love at first sight!!! The East/West Bay in Camel!!! It has creamy white stitching.....I just love it ....and I think it would be the perfect Summer bag....and would work any time of the year....I hated to leave her there...but they are holding her for me while I justify this $1700 purchase...sigh...

    It is just the right size...not tooooooo big....but, big enough...

    It was unanimous...we all agreed it was the best bag on me!!
  2. Gald you decided, congrats, lovely bag, enjoy!
  3. Very happy for you...I totally understand the "justifying thing", but I'm shure you will come up with a good one!
  4. Woo hoo fab news - congrats
  5. Congrats on finding your perfect bag!

    Please post pics once you get it!

    I saw the regular Bay bag at my local NM in that color and it was absolutely divine. :drool:
  6. Glad that you got something that you like!! Can't wait to see the pics!!
  7. Congrats! :yahoo:
  8. Great choice. Post pictures if you decide to get it. =)
  9. Congratulations. If you really get a bag for the WHOLE summer we fellow addicts can help you justify it. I wish I could just do ONE. I think you made a great choice. Why don't you check with Neiman's, maybe you, or if you already have one, your husband, or parent could open up a charge. My Neiman's gives us 10% off the first purchase if we open a charge. That might help ease the pain!
  10. Thanks ReRe for the advice....

    you can read my mind ....I'm still thinking about the white bouler....I'll probably end up with that one too....oh well...
  11. When you PM'ed me about that WHITE bag I thought good luck? Does Chloe have real white, white bags?

    The camel is so rich and beautiful in the Bay. A real attention getter.

    I wonder? can't you get this bag from Bahrain for less than NM? Also I think the Saks in Beverly Hills has the purse for a nominal savings? I could be wrong but if I remember correctly it was around 150 dollars?:s
  12. Congrats :biggrin: can't wait for pics.