White bag dilemma continues....Please Vote!!

  1. O.K. ---

    Vote please between the Bouler and the Tracy....
    Thanks for your input....

    I still can't decide....and now I hear they make the Bay in white....oh, dear...luckily I have a little time to decide before I debut "the white bag"
    chloebouler.jpg 7ss262-7s461 blanc (3).jpg
  2. I dont think that the white compliments the tracy too well. It almost needs a rich colour to bring the beauty of the leather out.

    The bouler is nice, out of the two I would go for that, but would definitely consider the new quilted bay!

    lots of pictures of it in the all about Bay reference section :smile:
  3. I just looked at pics of the bay .....WOW ....I love it....that might be the way to go....
  4. I would say if you are looking for something unique then your bay is the way to go.

    Out of the two above I would go bouler as I think it does nothing on the Tracy

    Good luck and keep us posted
  5. I don't like either one, I think the lock thing is getting tired and the Tracy is too heavy. I think the Bay is a fresh new look and it looks refined, I really liked it IRL.
  6. I prefer the paddington bouler. But as the others have said...you might want to check out the Bay bag...he he
  7. Paddy bouler:nuts:
  8. Bay Bay Bay !!! :nuts: :nuts: :nuts:
  9. The white quilted bay looks so divine from the pics I have seen of it so far. I would say go for that. xx
  10. I had the bouler large for a minute, I ended up returning it because it was just too big, esp. in the light color...if you decide on it, I don't recommend the large size...
    Out of the 3, I say get the quilted bay - it's divine...
  11. Bouler gets my vote!!
  12. Between the Bouler and Tracy I would go for the Bouler. But if you add the Bay in to the mix I would definetely go for that one!
    Let us know which one you are going to get:yes:
  13. decisions....decisions....
  14. Bouler, Bouler. I haven't yet seen a Bay bag that I like. Those long tabs look like Bassett Hound ears to me.
  15. bouler bouler bouler bouler :yes: :biggrin: