White bag - Bleecker large flap or Hamptons satchel?

  1. Help! I wanted a white leather bag for spring and bought both of these. I can't decide which one to keep. The Bleecker was hard to order, it is a Japan item, but I finally got it, but I am more of a satchel/duffle girl, I don't usually do shoulder bags. The Hamptons is a little on the small side.

    What to do??? Opinions?
  2. I love the bleecker one.. can it be worn across the body?
  3. OMG!!! I love the bleecker!
  4. If you like a white satchel, what about this one. It's the Hamptons Leather Large Flap Satchel. I think it's a great looking bag. I have been looking at it myself. It's item #11546

    Based on the two bags you are showing, I prefer the Bleeker.

  5. I personally prefer the Bleeker Duffle. If you love the duffle style why don't you wait until February. The Bleeker Duffle will be released sometime in Ferbruary in white.
    It is already on the Japan Website in White.

  6. I LOVE the Bleecker one, it is beautiful !!!
  7. Here's another one I'll throw in the mix! It's style #11639 and not yet released (I believe tlloveshim posted it in a thread where she found a bunch of new bags on the drilldown). I LOVE IT!! Between the two you posted, I like the Bleecker (I'm assuming it has tattersall lining)!
  8. I love 'em both. I think it depends on what image you want - Bleeker is younger, more casual, and Hamptons is more refined and restrained. Since you can be in both moods, I say get one of each! I did! *points down*
  9. Love the Bleecker!:tup:
  11. I don't have a clue but it's awesome, isn't it?! I loved the embossed ones that just went to the outlets but the strap across the top would drive me NUTS! I love this one b/c there is no strap. I LOVE EMBOSSED LEATHER!!