WHite bag advice

  1. I am drooling over a white chanel on eBay, I normally buy black bags and maybe brown...have a pick LV....I have never been a white bag person. I wear a LOT of black. Can I use white year round? Will it look bad with a black outfit? What about for evening- black dress, white bag??? Help...
  2. I definitely think you can wear it anytime! What size is it?
  3. I only wear white bags in the Spring/Summer. I tend to leave my browns and blacks for Fall/Winter.
  4. i definitely think white bags can be used year round. style rules have lightened up quite a bit and the "no white after labor day" stuff is pretty outdated IMO. white looks great with a black sweater and dark jeans, fantastic w/ all bright colors and with navy, gray, etc. i'd go for it!
  5. I'd like to say year round but honestly I do think the stark white/bright white flaps looks a little too white for winter wear. I do wear the egg shell/off white colored bags in winter though because it looks like "winter white".
  6. You can do it year around... look at all the white coats, and white winter boots that are out now?
  7. I like to save white items for Spring/Summer because it's fun to unpack my "summer" clothes and wear them only after Easter. It's like getting a new wardrobe every year! When labor day comes around, I unpack my "winter" clothes.
  8. In Los Angeles, I wear white, off-white, cream, etc all year-round because of the sunshine. When I'm back east, I lean toward winter white, cream. For me, sunshine and weather influences more if I can wear white or not.

    Good luck!
  9. As do I!
  10. Same here.:yes:
  11. Seeing as you are from L.A. I don't think the "white" rule is as strict here. -I see white bags year round and think that as long as they're with the right outfit (which isn't hard because white pretty much goes w/ everything...) they look fab! -Black and white look GREAT together, IMO. -I pretty much own only black clothes, and have been wanting a white jumbo to punch-up my look, I'm just hesitant because I'm like pigpen from Peanuts/Snoopy, I just attract random stains. LOL -Either way, I think the white bag would work well for you! -Good luck!