white baby coco cabas

  1. how much is it? i was so close to getting one. any negative feedbacks for that bag? thanks
  2. It's $1,795. I've only read from previous posts here that the white baby cabas has a slight grey tint to it.
  3. I just received a white baby coco cabas from NM, and yes, the white does have a grayish tint to it. It's really disappointing since I wanted a true white bag. As much as I hate to say it -- and after all the searching -- I think it may go back.
  4. did u order from the NM in MI?
  5. I did order it from the NM in MI. I called Lisa Hamlin, who was amazingly helpful.
    I wear a lot of white here in Florida, and the bag looks a bit dirty/dingy against true white. It's not a creamy off-white; it definitely has a gray cast.
  6. I actually like a grey tinge to it...hmmmm....LOL...I may want to locate one of these...
  7. hum... i wish i could hv seen it IRL... im about to place an order for the white baby coco cabas very soon... however, i've read couple of negative feedbacks on tPF recently... dunno what to do now...
  8. based all the pics i've seen, the whte coco cabas seems beautiful.
  9. I have it...I like it...it's more on the white side than it is grey...and for such a big bag...I think bright bright white would just be glowing...it's the perfect shade of white for such a large bag...try looking at pics...they still look absoluetely white!!!
  10. i have no complaints about my white baby cabas! i absolutely :heart: it! it does have a slight gray tint to it, but it's still pretty white. i actually like the fact that it's not a pure, bright white.
  11. any one seen or have the chanel coco cabas in black patent
  12. I love that the bag has a slight grey tint to it. It complements and brings out the color of the hardware but by all accounts it is still a while bag. I love mine!
  13. ^^I agree with the above poster.
  14. sorry you didnt like ur cabas jojo... i hope you enjoy urs takeutbox!
  15. Trust me, I really wanted to love it, but it just wasn't for me. I'm sure it will ultimately find a good home! However, today I received a white diamond stitch tote, and it's a keeper -- finally, my first Chanel bag.