White Baby Coco Cabas, Denim Coco Cabas

  1. Hi ladies! Just wanted to let you know that there might be a white Baby Coco Cabas at the Saks in Atlanta. I passed it up earlier today, so it might still be available - if interested, call my SA, Priscilla. She is fantastic! The number is 404-261-7234 - ask for Priscilla in Chanel Handbags. If I can't have it, I hope one of you PFers gets it!! (Of course I ran home to post this message!)

    Also, I bought the denim Coco Cabas today, and thought you ladies might be interested in seeing pics! It is GORGEOUS! I feel so lucky! :yahoo: :nuts: :wlae:
    Picture4.gif Picture5.gif
  2. I LOVE IT, I want one!! May I ask the price?? I love the size! Is it a big larger than the baby cabas?
  3. The Denim is $1295. It is definitely bigger than the baby cabas. As reference, I am 5'6".
  4. It looks good on you! Congrats and thanks for the info :yes:
  5. i belive the denim have the same sizing with the large and extra large on the original vinyl and caviar?
  6. wow - love it!
  7. Love it, looks great on you. How comfortable is it to carry? I really want one....
  8. It looks great on yoU!!! Congrats!!
  9. Congrats!!!!!! :yahoo:

    The more I see this bag, the more I love it.
  10. congrats it's so nice on you
    you are so lucky
    i am in a small town and when i look on internet i am not sure it was fake or real the price isn't a waranty
    can you give me some trick
    liner color.... size ...
    thank you
    sorry for my english
    i am french....:yahoo:
  11. Since it's so big, it feels pretty bulky actually. The denim is pretty thick, and doesn't collapse the way the vinyl and leather do. Maybe after I throw it around for awhile the denim will break in? :graucho:
  12. The lining is a very prettty peach color. Attaching a couple pics that may be helpful. Mods - please let me know if I am breaking any rules. I'm wondering if maybe this actually belongs in the authenticity thread?
  13. Argh! Looks like the pics were too big to attach. Please PM me if you want them.
  14. After all these denim cabas i'm really considering getting on as my first chanel bag but with it being denim if you wear jeans with it that aren't the same color does it look weird?
  15. Darling bag. Enjoy it.