white baby cabas

  1. Can anyone help locate a white baby cabas? Is it still available? Is the white a bright white or dark white?? Thanks!!!!!;)
  2. I haven't seen any at the stores lately. :search::search::shrugs::shrugs:

    To answer your question about the color, I would have to say that mine is more of a winter white than a bright white. I absolutely love it! :yahoo:

    Good luck on your search, it is such a beautiful bag. :tup:
  3. saw one on eBay last night~~
  4. Yeah! It's not a white bright at all. I got mine nearly a year ago and I love it so much !
  5. I hoped it would still be avail in dept stores. I just recently fell in love in with the baby cabas that is why i didn't get one when it was popular. I'm kicking myself now.:crybaby:
  6. i saw one last wed on nm palo alto. It's on display.
  7. oooh thanks!!!