White Baby Cabas vs. Light Silver Cotton Club Tote

  1. Which one do you like better? Which do you think would fit better in my collection?

    My collection consists of a Dark Silver Luxe Bowler, a Black Luxe Flap, a Black Cambon Tote & a Black Baby Cabas.
  2. ooooh...CANT go wrong with either.If u like a structured bag..get the cotton Club.If u love a smushy one..Get cabas
  3. since you already have a black baby cabas, why don't you go for the light silver cotton club tote? it looks really cute.
  4. hmm, i was actually thinking, since you have the black cambon tote, why not go for the white baby cabas, but i just realized you have a black baby cabas as well! :noggin:why don't you try on the bags IRL and then decide?
  5. Don't think you can make a bad decision. Good luck.
  6. I love the baby cabas;) :heart:

    Would you fellow tpf'ers say that the light silver is considered neutral and goes with everything? Can it be worn in the winter months?

    (trying to find pros/cons of silver vs white).
  7. since you already have a baby cabas why not try the cotton club tote? the silver one is tdf
  8. Light Silver Cotton Club Tote
  9. Silver CC Tote rules!!!!
  10. You already got a baby cabas so go for a cotton club.

    Anyway, I bought a white baby cabas without considering a cotton club. Personally, I think Cambon is a lot better.
  11. silver cc tote!
  12. i love my white baby cabas, so u know where my vote goes :p
  13. I'd say go for the cotton club tote. I love cotton club more than the cabas! :biggrin:
  14. Silver Cotton CLub! Just look at omgsweet's avatar...It's sooo inspiring to get one... and then i got one! Oops... I have yet to post pics of it on this forum :sneaky:
  15. The silver CC is really beautiful IRL. I think it has a lot more pop and pizzaz than the white baby Cabas.