White Baby Cabas Or Black Baby Cabas?


Sep 16, 2006
hi girlies,

my sales associate called yesterday and said she had a white baby cabas available for purchase. i won't be able to go into the store until the weekend, so i just purchased the bag sight unseen. my new purse is waiting to be picked up. i'm also on the waiting list for the black baby cabas, because i wasn't sure which color i wanted originally. for those of you who have the baby cabas, which color do you think is better? i tend to think that certain styles of bags look best in certain colors. do you think the baby cabas looks better in white or black? should i hold out and wait for the black one?

thanks in advance! :smile:
I have it both in black and teal.I never wear white bags..I love my black one..I havent stopped wearing it since the day I got it.BUT Its a personal preference!Good luck!Let us know how you make out!
I have BOTH white and black baby cabas. I bought the white one because I live in SoCal and can use the white one year round. I love them both so I'm really no help at all. I guess it depends on where you live. If you're not going to be able to use the white one as much as you want, I'd say get the black.
Black...I love white bags, but the chance that it'll get ruined is just too high...especially for such an expensive bag...besides, the black is TDF!!!
The white looks incredible, however, you will have to baby this bag and even so, it will probably get dirty. Will you feel bad when your bag is no longer "pristine?" If you are okay with this then you should go for the white. If it will bug you then definitely skip the white and go with black...