White Baby Cabas @ no Tax and Old Price

  1. I recently purchased the white baby cabs from Bergdorf for $1795 the old price! yeah..however, I just saw another tpf'ers khaki and got that color instead.
    So I'll be returnig my white, if anyone wants this please let me know before hand so I can have it held, it will be getting mailed back Moday.

    Its tax free since its coming out of BG (if youdon't live in NY) and its at the old price!

    If you are overseas and BG won't ship to you, PM and I'll see what I ca do.
  2. Darn! I want this bag!! But boyfriend put me on a bag ban!! :crybaby:
    I hope I will score one of these after my ban!! I love the white!
    What kind of leather is it?