White Baby Cabas...I found one..Should I????

  1. I just got off the phone and a SA has a White Cabas the one for 1795.00 ( I was looking for a key chain and thought what the heck LET me just ask about the cabas)
    I told her YES send it to me..She got it in last week and never put it on the floor..

    WHAT I WANT TO KNOW IS...How do you think the color will hold up since it is white ???
    How has it gone for you owners with this bag in white...

    Should I cancel it??:shrugs:

  2. well, i have two kids, so i would never buy a white bag. BUT, i love the color white and if i thought i could keep it away from their grubby little hands i would have gone for it.
  3. I have a cabas in white and it's nice. Anyway, you need to have an extra care for it :smile:
  4. I was going to MAYBE cancel it..but my SA said its in shipping already....She said If I'm not happy with it just return it and...

    She has another bag style there A33372Y04167 in RED
    she called it a flap and has a braid handle??? for 1525.00
    I guess I will have to see what she is talking about...If anyone hears knows please let me know
  5. ^^probably the modern chain? Take a look in the reference area to see if that matches. It is a great bag...I just saw it at NM in the SHM...
  6. Thanks Rocker I will...
  7. Id get it and see how good the color holds up.I personally ADORE the cabas bags...
  8. Yup, that red bag the SA mentioned is indeed the modern chain flap. It's a gorgeous bag too, but it's totally different from the cabas.
  9. Yes I know...I just saw it in the other thread...:p Very nice
    I told her to hold it for me and I will decide tomorrow..I wanted to sleep on it
    SHE was able to Stop shipping of the white Cabas ( she thought it shipped already)...After thinking about it ..for that much money I rather have ANY color cabas but white...(I think the white is :drool: ) But I would be scared I would get it dirty KWIM...
  10. A nay on this one then???
    I like this one too, but my favorite color is in the Khaki :drool:
  11. YES it is a NAY Victoria....Khali is hot!!!! I love white but.. I'M NO VIRGIN..and I would ruin this color bag

  12. ur too funny! :lol:
  13. If I don't see something in the S/S 2007 line, besides what has been shown on here, I will be looking for the white Cabas. I am definitely getting a white bag I was just waiting for the next collection to come out. My khaki Cabas is on its way to me now.