White B-Bag on eBay - get the Seller's Reponse

  1. As I'm in the habit to do, when I see an auction where various *important" pictures are missing (e.g., Contrallato Cards, Tags, etc.), I email the Seller and inform them that it would help their auction if they provide additional pictures.


    Here is the response that I got back from this seller:

    I am hoping my reputation will surpass the fact I dont have all the details. I would love who the buyer is to take it to get verified that it is in fact the real deal.

    Give me a break!!! One of the biggest ruses used by scammers is the old "get it verified ...". I just emailed her back and told her that she should know that Balenciaga DOESN'T do that (nor does Louis Vuitton!).
  2. So ... her response to my email re: "get it verified" was 'WHATEVER'! What a moron! :censor: :rant:
  3. What a response! Is that bag copied?
  4. I don't know, and unfortunately the pictures are such that I really can't tell. However ... just her "attitude" alone turned me right off!

    If it was "truly" an authentic bag, you would have thought that she would have said "sorry ... I don't have the ... bla bla bla". Instead, she got defensive ... and that whole "my feedback ..." and "get it verified ..." ALWAYS sends up a red flag to me!!
  5. Not to mention she writes like a half-wit.
  6. i agree... thats a weird response. is she a reseller? is that why she doesnt have all the info? she could just take lots more pics of the bag's inner tags to suffice.

    but I think the bag is auth... never seen a fake of this style yet.
  7. I think she should atleast find out if she's selling a real or fake bag before she lists it!
  8. :roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao:
  9. I hate sellers like that! That whole "My feedback speaks for itself" crap answer is soooo frustrating! :censor: The only thing I hate more is when they say, "Don't ask me questions about authenticity!". Grrrr...:rant:
  10. fiat- thats the messenger style; the white bag is like... flat hobo or something- its a discontinued style
  11. Ceejay, I think you might have misunderstood the seller - they might not HAVE the extra papers/etc for this bag since it is such a rare/old style, and was offering a money back guarantee regarding authenticity?

    It's definitely authentic.... gorgeous, and SUPER RARE.
  12. It doesn't seem to be on the Atelier-Naff Motorcycle Style Reference ... hmmm
  13. ^ Yeah, quite a few of the discontinued bags aren't in the reference, just haven't had time/info to add them. That doesn't mean it isn't the real thing, though! I have seen fakes of this style, but they've been laughably horrifying. This one is auth, and I think it's cooooool.
  14. Well, I'm sure the reason why it isn't on there is because it has been discontinued for quite some time, a lot of the older styles aren't included on there because they are very rare and next to impossible to find. :smile:

    ETA: LOL! LP answered before me - oops! ;) hehe.

    But yeah, this is hands down one of my favorite styles of bbags - it's the coolest EVER. Seriously, it's amazing, and did I say very rare? ;)