White Audra With Studs Or Without - Which Is Better?

  1. Okay - this is tough. A white audra with the matching white studs...or the new cream/white audra with the brass studs. I think the white audra is a true white while the cream is more of a winter white, no? :confused1: I've been able to locate both, so I'm having a hard time. I already own a Kooba Marcelle in Ivory so I'm not quite sure what I'm after...any thoughts?:shrugs: :shrugs: :shrugs:
    a9_1_sbl.JPG.jpg 98_12.JPG.jpg
  2. OK, so NORMALLY, I would say NO studs, since I think that they will look dated after awhile. BUT, I really like the bag with the studs - it gives the bag more character than without, and since it's not an overwhelming amount of studs, I think it works. That said, if it's not true white, do you really want to off-white bags? If not, that kinda makes your decision for you, right?
  3. brass studs
  4. I say both. Serving two different looks, they are different...the white being a true white and the other being warmer, more of a creamy ivory. I have both.:shame:
  5. I like the second one without the studs.
  6. Bella Fiore! Wow - you have both!? That's awesome! I duplicate myself with my Kooba Marcelles (in like every color).....I'm not thinking - white with white studs...and know why? I'm thinking that since I have an Kooba Ivory Marcelle, that's my "creme with like a darker stud area - you know those Marcelle's have grommets so it's sort of the same look....sorta) and then if I get a stark white, maybe that'd be a totally different look. I love this forum. I love to get everyone's take on it. What it all comes down to in the end is that everyone has their own personal preference - but what a help it is to see things through different eyes....:jammin: I'm going out to Saks Off Fifth today to see if they even have any more of the white on white. I was able to locate one for $209 out the door (wow) - but I might be like you Bella Fiore and have to get both!!!!:graucho:
  7. Me again Bella Fiore - is it worth it to get both? You don't look at them as identical? Can you take a pic of both of them together by any chance???:lecture:
  8. Oh - that's a terrible little icon at the end of my post! I look like I'm beating someone up! Ew - I'm not using that one again! Sorry Bella Fiore...:heart:
  9. without
  10. Hi everyone. Well, I shleped out to the outlet store a million miles away and picked up the white with white studs. I do like it - it was a fab price - it DOES have a greyish hue to it...I have to say, it's not a stark white as some of the pics rendered, and I did find out that the white one I showed at the bottom of this thread with the brass studs is actually a beige creme color. Bella Fiore - let me know what you think too since you have BOTH BAGS! I'm thinking that I will keep this white on white one almost because it's not a cheap white. Do you know what I mean? When you see really cheap bags from Target in white (no offense Target - I love you) it just doesn't look real whereas I think because it's not a perfect white it doesn't look fake. Make sense? In any case, anyone's who's ever had a white Audra (or creme one for that matter) is totally invited to post opinions...good or bad!:jammin: