White and Gold with lots of LOVE!

  1. I received my white Jumbo with gold hardware today! I'm in LOVE with it!

    I have to give a big THANK YOU! :heart: to user Savannah for informing me that there is this combo available (I love gold hardware, and Beverly Hills boutique told me they didn't make white/gold combo in Jumbo...turns out it exists!) and referring me to her lovely SA!

    I posted reference and modeling photos!
    whitejumbo1.jpg whitejumbo2.jpg whitejumbo3.jpg whitejumbo4.jpg
  2. congrats! Looks great on you.
  3. congrats, she's really cute with your dress!
  4. looks hot on your! congrats!
  5. lucky you, i was looking for one awhile back when i first got into chanel, and was told that gold is not available as well, only silver.
  6. OOH! Ahhhhhh~! OOOOOOH!!!
  7. love how u are stylin it!
  8. Aww, yay, it looks fabulous on you!! :love: :tup: I saw this two days back at my NM... a very eye catching combo! :smile: Congrats on you new baby, and enjoy her!! :yahoo:
  9. Wow, looks super cute on you. :tup:
  10. Looks so fab on you - congrats!! I am super jealous that in November you don't have to wear a heavy wool coat or parka like I do up here in Canada...LOL.
  11. Love it! :heart: It looks great on you!

    Just curious, does anyone know if the med/lge white classic come with gold hardware?
  12. congrats, looks great
  13. wowww it looks hot on you!!!
  14. I believe so.
  15. Thank you for the comments, everyone! You all are so sweet! It's really hot here today...87F!

    It does! I have the white/gold in medium/large as well.