White Ali

  1. Okay, I know, I know, I need professional help :wtf:But enough of that.. :roflmfao: I am seriously debating whether I should purchase a white ali before PCE is over.. but I keep hearing about denim transfer, then I hear it isn't a big deal.. but what about pen marks and things like that?? For those of you that have had or have a white ali, what has been your experience?? I know you have to be a little more careful, but I just LOVE that bag, but don't know if I can justify spending that kind of loot only to either have it be ruined or be babysitting it all the time.. :sweatdrop: Any thoughts, opinions or horrible ink or stain stories?!? (that might talk me out of it!!) :p
  2. Im no help but I am considering the same thing!
  3. Oh no!! It's hard, isn't it!!! I just got the brown one and this bag is just to die for!! The white is soo beautiful, I want it so bad... I am hoping to be talked into or out of it.. a couple of people have had nothing but good to say about it, guess I am wondering if there is any way to get out an ink stain or anything just in case, but also if you buy that color you kind of have to risk it and take a chance and enjoy it!!!
  4. I suffer from the same dilemma- I have a black Ali and a whiskey Ali and I adore them and lust for a white one but I don't know if I can deal with the cleaning and care that's involved. That's why I bought a white patent Ergo hobo-it wipes clean so easily and it's gorgeous.
  5. Yeah, I just bought a white and turquoise ergo tote and actually decided on the turquoise, I just love it! I think I am just going to stick with that for now, and love my brown ali and not have to worry.. for the price I paid for the ergo and it is a great, lightweight, fun bag with lots of character... I need to just have this dang PCE end so I can stop thinking about it!! :hysteric:
  6. I have the white ali and it does requiring maintenance especially if you want to wear jeans with it. The blue transfer is hard to take out and might stain it permanently. That being said, I still think it's a gorgeous bag and I love carrying it. I just don't wear jeans with it, but if I happen to wear jeans, I make sure I wear a long shirt with it. :p If you don't mind spending the money on something you have to be careful with, go for it!
  7. see, that is one thing I've been wondering about.. maybe it is because I am tall but the ali doesn't hit me anywhere near my pants.. but I almost always wear denim... just don't get how it even gets on it :confused1:
  8. Well I'm about 5'8 and the bottom of the bag grazes the top of my jeans so the corner of the bag and the bottom side rubs against the jean as im walking so the colour transfers:tdown: I heard that apple cleaner works, but I don't know where to find it.
  9. It's only been 24 hours (so I'm not much help, I know), but I do not think Ali in white is going to be very forgiving. Before I even took the tags off her, I noticed two pencil tip sized dots on her top/front flap...didn't notice these right after unwrapping her...anyway, I tried rubbing them out with my finger like you can brown & whiskey...and now the two have become one :sad:
    I'm in the process of moisturizing her (hoping for improvement when she dries...she soaked it up and feels better...she was much stiffer than all the other colors)and I plan to keep her because she is gorgeous, but my Ali-crazy self probably wouldn't buy her again in white.

    Note: I've been carrying a lg. white Ergo hobo off and on this last month, she was placed in some dirty places, unfortunately. However, I'd premoisturized her and this morning I literally took a damp cloth to the white leather and all the dirt/gray grime came right off! I then rewarded her with a little extra tlc (aka moisturizer).
  10. Good to know!

    I've got a white Ali on the way, and I know she'll be more high matinenance. But she's worth it!

  11. I don't know if it works either, but I just ordered a few apple products including the cleaner from leatherstuff.com

  12. Ok, I was trying to be the voice of reason since it sounded like you wanted to be talked out of it....but I say :yahoo:......moisturize her first and then ENJOY!
  13. No, I do want to be talked out of it!! Thanks.. that helps.. I think I am going to walk away so nobody gets hurt! :okay: I also need to learn to appreciate beautiful things and know I don't have to own every one of them:drool:
  14. I still think I want her! The white ali is amazing against that signature lining.

    Fieldsinspring, me and you almost have the same things. I have the turqouise ergo, same mia satchel as well! :smile: so of course we would want the same white ali

  15. I uttered this sentiment to my husband last night. I'm at peace, and not just hoping, but actively working on making that feeling laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaast!!!!:yes: