White Ali

  1. Okay, I hate to admit it, but after seeing Hayden with the white Ali, I think I might need it. I looked at the Ali in whiskey in October, but I decided to go with the shoulder bag instead. I love the Ali, but then I always think it seems a bit big in real life. What do y'all think about the Ali - particularly the white color. Is it a year round color? Will it get dirty easily? Many thanks.
  2. You are not alone!!!! After I saw it on her, its on my list! Everytime I tried it on just for fun It was stuffed, so I never gave it a second look, but now..
  3. Okay, so I just looked at it again, and this morning it looks like a big white eraser. Maybe I don't need it. I still like it, but I don't know if I can work it like the rich and famous. Would it just look dowdy on me? Also, will it yellow with time?
  4. I keep going back and forth about the Ali - there's something about it that just doesn't work for me, yet I tend to like it when I see it on others.

    I actually tried on a white Ali that was at an outlet and kind of liked it on, but knew at that time that I had my heart set on a pond shoulder bag, so I didn't get it (and it was only $40 off). Try it on and see how it looks on you - I saw a woman this morning with the black/khaki combo and it looked cute on her. It also seems to look not a huge when it's on someone as opposed to when it's just on display.

    I would be concerned about it getting dirty, but I have the parchment Carly (which I did put protectant on) and since I rotate my bags, I knew I could be careful with it. I think how dirty it may get would really depend on how often you'll use it. I don't know about the yellowing though.
  5. I like the Ali when I see it on other people, but when I try it on I feel like it's a prop from some show where it's oversized so that I look like a little kid...like something from Big Comfy Couch.

    (Okay, maybe I'm the only one who'll understand that).

    Anyway, I feel like if it were the size of the shoulder bag, then it would work for me but as it is, it's just too out-of-proportion for my body (I'm 5'5"). Also, I think the white Legacy leather would be hard to keep clean, and my SA did say that it would yellow over time. I think it could work year-round, though, depending on what your wardrobe is like.
  6. Someone on eBay had a white Ali where I guess from where it rubs had either stained it or something. I love the look of the white Ali but it was too much white for me but I would love the Ali in any other color. I am 5'8" and it just fit so right. I think it would also yellow because some women on here also said something to that effect. I was thinking if the legacy tote pond does not come out maybe I would get the signature Ali with white trim.
  7. Thanks for the feedback. I already have the shoulder bag in whiskey, but I really like the Ali. I'm afraid it might be too much of the same to get the Ali in whiskey, too.
  8. I tried the ali one last time, I stood in the mirror for at least 10 minutes trying to win myself over, but it just doesn't work, its too big.
  9. Hello Ladies, this is my first post after a few weeks of voyeuring! I've gleened alot of information and a lot of laughs! Ali is "my" (not an "it") bag. Ali in white and black are my favorites. The white will get dirty and dirtier depending on how you use and care for it. (I tell my girls (daughters), never go to sleep with your make up on, never take your jewelry off in public and watch where you put your purses down!) Coach says not to moisturize, I take exception to this; leather has "life", the black and white are not like "vintage whiskey". I use Apple Guard on all my leathers (even vachettas) to clean and protect. I noted one post where someone said their white yellowed and that scared me. It hasn't happened to mine.

    I am 5'3" 130# and at first I thought the bag was huge, after filling it with my necessesties and toting it around, it's just right! The strap is a wide and a great length, whether shoulder or arm. I like the depth of the bag, wallet, wristlet planner can go in vertically. The outside pocket I love for glasses and gloves.

    It is not bright white, (some might consider it east coast winter white) and may not be spring worthy. I live in California. Since it's "my" bag and I will use it any season! I had seen a lady with a white ali, she had a turquoise/blue c print scarf tied on it and it looked refreshing like spring time.

    It's tough being a Coach fiend. I don't talk much except when I really want to say something. So you may not hear from me again for awhile! Thank you for being here and Enjoy your Coach!
  10. i saw the pic of hayden again, and it looks like a great fit for her (not too overwhelming). she's only 5'1", too (my height!). if i wasn't saving up for other things on my wishlist, i'd totally get one!
  11. Hi, I m 5'1" too and I've got the black one!:yahoo:
  12. HI guys! This is a VERY old post, but I was wondering if ANYBODY had any problems w/ their white Ali's staining or yellowing.. I just bought a white Ali and ADORE her, but seeing this kind of scared me. I did use the apple lotion on her before taking her out to protect her. Please let me know what your experiences are w/ your white Ali's and how often you use them. I will be using this as my "everyday bag" unless I go someplace icky!!! Thanks!
  13. OMG~!!! Your SA said it will yellow over time???????? :wtf: HELP!!!!! Has anyone HAD this problem???
  14. ^ white leather eventually turns yellowish with time (as in a LOT of time, not like a year or something.. but say after 5+ years of constant use or even longer if you don't use it frequently). And it won't be an ugly shade of yellow.. it just turns more of a creamish color so don't worry too much about it =)
  15. so it kinda has it's own patina? I like that!!! thanks so much for the info! I feel ALOT better!!!! :tup: