white Ali or White Shoulder Bag?

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  2. ali!

    i'm drooling, haha.
  3. I loved my white shoulder bag! My white ali was pretty too but I just totally prefer the Shoulder bag design. ;)
  4. Ali . . . hands down.
  5. ali!!
  6. Yup, Ali for me too.
  7. Definitely BOTH!! :roflmfao: I bought the white Ali during the last PCE and I LOVE it!! :heart: :heart: But when I saw that the white shoulder bag was just about sold out as well, I went out and got that too (yesterday actually). :blush: I think both the Ali and the shoulder bag are very chic and just so darn cute!! :love: Depending on what size of bag you prefer, you can't go wrong with either one.
  8. Im really glad you posted this thread! Im am stuck between the exact same 2 and trying to decide myself lol!!
    Let us know which you choose.
  9. I love and own the Ali bag in whiskey and white. I love them both. I found the shoulder bag just too small for me. If you carry alot of stuff the Ali bag is the one to get. I always felt like I had to dig for thing in my shoulder bag which is why I exchanged it for something else.
  10. By white shoulder bag do you mean the legacy white shoulder zip?
    If so then I would deff get the white shoulder zip. I have it in khaki/ebony and love it.
    I do love the Ali too though!!!
  11. I think she means the Legacy white Shoulder Bag.
  12. Have the legacy white shoulder bag - haven't yet used it as I don't want to hear DH "is that a new one" but it is SO PRETTY in person. Just bought the White Ali off eBay cannot wait for it to get here AND I am buying the white shoulder bag to go with the white french framed wallet!!
  13. Yes, that is the one that I was talking about.
  14. I went to the store today to order the Ali and I saw the slim tote and fell in love with it so I bought the Slim leather tote in white. I had to order it, they were out of them.
  15. I love the slim tote and think it is pretty also and I saw the natural in person and tried it on and loved the feel of it.