White Ali or Parchment Julianne

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  1. Hello, Sorry I haven't posted here for a while, I have been distracted by the parenting and celebrity sub forums, anyway I haven't posted in a while because I haven't bought anything Coach for a while with the exception of my lovely long sought after Skull keyfob which is on my Black signature soho hobo with nickel hardware, it looks super cute. Anyway, I have been stalking the bay for a white leather original 2006 Ali but I have sinced tried on a parchment Julianne and :heart: it. I love that it is a satchel and has the long strap and can carry all of my baby needs. I am thinking of selling off a high end diaper bag that I have and maybe a few accessories to get it. I am really looking for a cute spring/summer bag and I think either of these two would be great ! I already have a black leather Ali so wondering for those who have the Julianne or like the way it looks or have both Ali and Julianne, which would you get ? Also in the running are whiskey Ali and Whiskey colored tripple zip satchel by Cole Haan, Thanks !
  2. Definitely get the Parchment Julianne, it's gorgeous! I'm an Ali fan too, but the Julianne is just droolworthy.
  3. I agree I love the parchment julianne!
  4. BIG time parchment Julianne fan here!:yes: I loveeeeee her so much! She was the result of a love affair that occurred in the boutique...once I saw her IRL, it was over!:love:
    No issues with color transfer either, which I was really worried about. I sprayed her with apple rain & stain, just to be safe.
    I don't have an Ali to compare her to though, so maybe others can give you a better idea of a comparison between the two.
  5. Love the Parchment Julianne!!!!
  6. I love the Julianne. I don't have an Ali, but from the pictures, I would pick the Julianne.
  7. Ditto everybody! Julianne!
  8. Thank you everyone !!!!
  9. I say the Julianne too, especially since you have a black Ali, I think the julianne would be lighter for sure with baby stuff in it than the Ali. I have a whiskey Ali, and it gets heavy with my stuff, I dont think I could carry it if I was still putting baby stuff in there.
  10. Julianne!! This bag is just TDF!!! And in Parchment it is just drool worthy!!!
  11. I would vote for Julianne too. I think I'm a little tired of seeing so many Alis, though.